Supporting Apache Tomcat and MuleSoft Tcat Server


With the launch of MuleSoft Tcat Server, the MuleSoft support team has been working hard to ensure that we can deliver the same world-class support for Apache Tomcat and Tcat Server that we offer for Mule ESB.

Congrats to Ross – awarded a top 25 CTO by InfoWorld


Yesterday, Ross Mason, our very own fearless leader, was awarded one of the top 25 CTOs by InfoWorld magazine. Every year InfoWorld honors senior IT executives who demonstrated leadership within their company and the IT community. As many of you know, with so much product and community momentum this year at MuleSource it’s been quite a ride and Ross definitely deserves this award. Congrats to Ross!

From the Mule’s Mouth

November 5 2008


Welcome to the MuleSource developer blog. We have created this space where the Mule community can get “off-the-hoof” comments, technical tips, and breaking news — direct from MuleSource’s core development and services team. The thoughts posted by the contributors here will be practical and unfiltered by marketing spin (with apologies to our Marketing team!)