Top 5 blog posts of January 2019

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One month into 2019 and we’ve already covered a wide range of content – from JSON logging in Mule 4 to work automation and API strategies. To provide you with the best posts to read if you’ve missed, here are the five most popular blog posts in January 2019.

1: JSON logging in Mule 4: Getting the most out of your logs

In this sequel to a previous JSON logging for Mule 3 blog post, learn all about the re-architected version of the JSON logger for our awesome Mule 4 release while leveraging the (just as awesome) SDK!

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2: 17 MuleSoft Community Meetups to kick off 2019

More than 120 MuleSoft Community Meetups were held across 30 countries and garnered more than 5,000 attendees in 2018. 2019 hit the ground sprinting!

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3: Untangling B2B file exchange integration with API-led connectivity

How can companies untangle B2B file exchange integration? The best approach is to replace point-to-point methods with an “API-first” approach.

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4: How to build an agile mobile strategy using APIs

As much as 70% of an overall mobile app project cost can be attributed to integration. A better approach? Using APIs to unlock critical business capabilities.

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5: How the Industrial Commission of Arizona automated workflows using MuleSoft and Salesforce

The Industrial Commission of Arizona’s core legacy systems were built almost 30 years ago with minimal integrations, and the agency can receive 10,000 documents per week. With the help of MuleSoft and Salesforce, the ICA has automated many manual processes.

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