Mule SAP Enterprise Connector is here!


This week we announced the availability the Mule SAP Enterprise Connector. This is a major milestone since Mule is the only next generation ESB to be certified by SAP.

SAP is one of the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions on the market. But the big challenge for SAP customers is how to integrate SAP with other systems and application,

Announcing Magento E-Commerce connector for Mule


Magento eCommerce Platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth. Magento provides feature-rich eCommerce platforms that offer merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel.

Now you can easily integrate Magento with your other applications using Mule.  The Magento connector exposes the common Magento APIs for Order tracking, Customer management, Stock Management,

Migrating a MuleForge project to GitHub


The new MuleForge works with different project hosting platforms, it  is now a repository of all things Mule rather than a project hosting service. I recently migrated the Maven Mule Plugin from our old MuleForge infrastructure to GitHub. This was quite a journey and I had to trawl the web quite a bit to gather all the required steps to make the change. So here’s the full story, in case anyone wants to do the same.

Galaxy 1.5.2 is released!


The Galaxy team is happy to announce the availability of the 1.5.2 release. This release provides several improvements:

  • Support for Mule 2.2
  • Policy enforcement now occurs correctly when metadata changes and lifecycle transitions occur
  • Policies can now be applied to Entries
  • Metadata properties can now be deleted via the API
  • Performance improvements
  • Dependency/link searches now work correctly
  • The default version of entries can now be set without an error being thrown
  • The Galaxy Enterprise database configuration tool now works correctly on Windows

For more information,

Galaxy 1.5.1 is released!


Hot on the heals of the Mule 2.1.2 release, we’ve pushed out a new release of Galaxy as well. This release contains many improvements:

  • A new custom policy example
  • A new AtomPub API usage example
  • Fixed LDAP Integration
  • Many bug fixes!

For more information, cruise over the release notes and download page. As always, we’re anxious to hear your feedback via the mailing list or comments below.

Creating Events in Galaxy

November 20 2008

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Galaxy includes many standard events you can use right out of the box, such as ENTRY_CREATED and LIFECYCLE_TRANSITION. (For the full list, click here). Using the Event API, you can also create your own events and create scripts that listen for them.