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Are you new to Anypoint Platform for APIs and want to figure out how it all works? Check out the interactive walkthrough for the Anypoint Platform for APIs.

The walkthrough lets you choose your own adventure by allowing you to pick a path that best matches your role in the example use case. At the top of each walkthrough page, under the title, is a blue label that indicates the permissions you need in the Anypoint Platform for APIs to perform the actions in the section. Depending on your focus, you could jump straight to a later point in the walkthrough that is relevant for your role.

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Here’s a high-level overview of the walkthrough. We suggest you start with Create an API or Consume an API, but you can jump in wherever you like.

API_Walkthrough_Diagram (1)

If you’re ready to get started, head over to the Anypoint Platform walkthrough. Enjoy!