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You may remember that two months ago, I did a webinar on Using Mule and GigaSpaces for Scalable SOA. In this webinar, Uri Cohen and I demonstrate how GigaSpaces XAP could be coupled with Mule to easily take services and make them highly-available.

Today, MuleSource announced an OEM agreement, allowing the Mule enterprise service bus (ESB) to leverage the GigaSpaces XAP technology. This means Mule enterprise customers can now guarantee the uptime of their applications and ensure that the most mission-critical SOA applications are continuously available with no data loss.

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The software is available today as a packaged solution based on Mule Enterprise 2.2 that allows you to deploy Mule in an active-passive mode. Messages are replicated across the cluster, so if your primary server goes down, the backup instance can be promoted and continue to process your messages. Combined with the transactional capabilities of Mule, the result is guaranteed uptime and zero data loss.

You can contact MuleSource to learn more about the solution.