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We are happy to announce that we moved the Mule project to GitHub. Since 2009 we have been using GitHub to host all our new projects, and Mule was the last standing project we had on SVN. We wanted to do it right, without losing any history, commits, etc, and  it took us a while.  We are finally taking this last step and sorry you had to wait this long to be able to fork Mule!.

Nowadays git gained popularity because of its flexibility. If you are not convinced by now you should probably read this wiki page.

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Git got even better with the rise of GitHub becoming the de facto place were open source projects are hosted (as it used to be SourceForge back in 2001).

Beside git hosting, GitHub provides a set of nice features such as fork, pull requests, inline editing, etc, that allows virtually every GitHub user to contribute to projects they are most interested in.

You can find Mule ESB source code on . If you don’t know how GitHub works, you can read the documentation we put together on how to do it here. We also updated our contributor’s guide to let you know how to develop Mule ESB and we are looking forward for your pull requests with fixes or improvements you want to contribute back to us.

If you want to learn more about GitHub, you can visit their documentation.

If you are trying to migrate a large project from SVN to GitHub, feel free to contact us!, we learned a few tricks with this experience so we might be able to point you the right steps and tools.

Happy Forking!