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We are back this August with yet another Community roundup––highlighting great contributors to the MuleSoft developer community. Check out what the community was up to this month! And if you know a great contributor that should be featured in the next issue of this blog series, make sure to tweet us @MuleDev.

Special shout out

This month, our special shout out goes to a very special Meetup Leader: Vijay Rao, MuleSoft Practice Head at Apisero. Vijay started our Meetup group in Phoenix, AZ back in December 2017. From there, he developed a community that meets regularly to discuss new releases, technical demos, and user stories.

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Our team had the chance to attend his latest Meetup on August 9th, during which developers and architects from Arizona State University, Isagenix, and JDA (among others!) shared their journey with MuleSoft to a packed room. Vijay’s colleague, Deepak Haldar, also presented about the process of migrating from Mule 3 to Mule 4. The content was highly technical and based on real-life, personal use cases. The Meetup Vijay organized also had a second room with kid’s activities where attendees could bring their children. This Meetup was truly a community event!

On behalf of the whole MuleSoft team, thank you Vijay for all what you do for the Phoenix community!

The helpers of the month

Our forums have been very active in August, and two new developers deserve the title of “helper of the month.”

Soumyajit Das, Senior Associate Advisory at PwC, has done an amazing job helping other developers this month, with countless answers.

Enrico Rafols Dela Cruz, Application Development Senior Analyst at Accenture, also stood out from the crowd, thanks to the many useful replies he provided to developers in need.

Let’s also recognize the amazing work of some of our regular forum contributors, who once again, went above and beyond with the quality of their answers:

The blogs of the month

Joshua Erney, Software Engineer at MS3, is a regular contributor to the community. This month he shared 2 blogs:

Patryk Bandurski, Senior Consultant at PwC Polska, is another regular of this section! In August he published two more blogs in his “DataWeave Tips” series: 

  • Tip #6: Empty JSON object: Patryk explains how to remove empty objects in transformations to the JSON format.
  • Tip #7: Custom DataWeave module:In this post, Patryk shows how to reuse DataWeave transformations and custom functions using modules.

Murali Thuraka, Software Engineer at Hydus an XTIVIA Company, published an article explaining JSON schema validations and how to match against defined schemas that exist in a local file or external URI.

The videos of the month

Joshua Erney and Jose Montoya, Software Engineers at MS3, shared 3 videos this month!

The pro of the month

This month, we’re excited to feature Guilherme Pereira Silva, Salesforce and MuleSoft Consultant at Cognizant in São Paulo, Brazil. Guilherme recently passed the Integration Professional certification and he tells us about his experience:

“I was introduced to MuleSoft in 2013, during a Summit in São Paulo. MuleSoft’s vision and approach to resolve complex integrations made me a fan instantly. In 2015, I had the opportunity to help a company solve a large and complex integration project using MuleSoft. Since then, I’ve been working with MuleSoft non-stop and, 

today, I am a part of one of the largest consulting companies in the world, where we face and overcome integration challenges on a weekly basis.

My path to learn MuleSoft started with their awesome documentation and forum, which provide me with knowledge about new features and the help that I needed. By contributing more and more to the community, I was able to receive training until I was confident enough to apply to certification exams. Step-by-step, I was able to prove myself and enrich my knowledge.

Finally, in July 2018, I was able to pass the Integration Professional certification and it was a great achievement for my professional advancement. This meant that all the hard work and all the knowledge I’ve been learning represent the beginning of more knowledge coming in. The challenges are bigger now and being certified gives me more confidence to continue to move forward!

I’m looking forward to hosting meetups here in São Paulo to help to spread MuleSoft technology and provide other colleagues the same opportunity I’ve acquired at the end of 2013––to know a wonderful platform to help them in their challenges!”

We look forward to support you Guilherme!

First Meetups!

In August, 4 groups led their first Meetup successfully! Congratulations to:

Check out the slideshow below to see these events in action!

Also, visit our website to see if there’s a MuleSoft Meetup group in your city, or apply to lead one! You can also see a list of upcoming MuleSoft Meetups across the world.

  • Gurugram, India

That is it for this month! We’d love to get your feedback on this blog series in the comments. If you know a great contributor, whether they are writing blog posts, speaking at a Meetup, or simply answering questions on the forums, tweet us @MuleDev.