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We provide a lot of webinars with tips and tricks from our development team on how Mule works across various industries. But what about in the media and entertainment sector? We’re pleased to present a great customer use case of Mule in the wild world of entertainment.

Red Bee Media, formerly BBC Broadcast Limited, delivers over 3,000 hours of content per month for clients such as the BBC, UKTV, Virgin Media Television, Channel 4 and others. Together, Red Bee Media provides the vast majority of video on demand services for the United Kingdom.

Join Shams Uddin, Head of Application Development at Red Bee Media, for a discussion of the design considerations, architecture, and best practices learned from Red Bee Media’s use of Mule in order to solve the substantial scalability challenges of applying BPM to such a massive distribution application through Mule.

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Shams Uddin, Head of Application Development, Red Bee Media

Date: December 15, 2011