DevOps: Cloud-based continuous deployment


So you’re using iON to run your Mule application and Maven to manage your development? Great! You’re now ready for the next stage: continuous deployment, which is the easiest way to push your application to iON during your development cycle.

Ready? Just add this to your pom.xml:

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Done! Now you can push your local Mule application by running mvn package ion:deploy. It’s that easy.

You can find more details on the project page.

Making it continuous

You don’t really want to have to do this manually, so just call this for your favorite server! Now your app will be pushed to iON on every code change.

Can it get any simpler?

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2 Responses to “DevOps: Cloud-based continuous deployment”

  1. Hi Julien, great to things powerful things looking so simple. One suggestion – can ion:deploy depend on package goal? This would be only natural, same way as package depends on compile.