Introducing MuleSoft’s Ideas Portal

MuleSoft Ideas Portal

We’re happy to announce the release of MuleSoft’s Ideas Portal – where any user with a support login for Anypoint Platform can post new product enhancement ideas or upvote any existing ideas submitted by others in the community. We are excited to hear from you!

As part of the official release, we’ve reviewed over 300 enhancement requests and are moving them into the Portal. Customers who created these enhancement requests will receive emails from our support team so that you can start to follow your post!

How does Ideas Portal work?

Everything starts with an idea. We know you have great ideas about how to improve Anypoint Platform, so share it with us on the Ideas Portal! You can post new ideas or search and upvote any existing ones. Our product team will review top-voted ideas.

In order to post, vote or comment on an idea, users are required to have a valid support center login.* This way we know who you are and can keep you updated when the idea you submitted or upvoted changes in status or receives a new comment. In addition, the Ideas Portal is built into our Center, making it even simpler for you to suggest new ideas.

Once you’ve submitted an idea, product manager(s) of the specific area will be notified and the idea will be available for anyone to upvote. Our product team will review the top-voted ideas monthly and update comments or statuses:

  • Under Point Threshold – This idea needs more upvotes to be considered as a top-voted idea.
  • Product Team Review – The Product team is reviewing this idea for inclusion in our roadmap.  Look for MuleSoft Product comments or requests for more information. 
  • Delivered – This idea has been developed and is now Idea is generally available.
  • Existing Feature – Idea is an existing Anypoint Platform feature.
  • Not Planned – Idea will not be pursued at this time.
  • Bug or Support Issue – Idea should be rerouted to support (performance issues, errors, etc).

Idea owners and supporters will be notified of any status changes.

Why Ideas?

With the Ideas Portal, we’re not changing the current product development process, but rather enhancing it with direct customer to product interactions. Customers are still able to use MuleSoft’s Support Center to create support requests such as product issues and questions. We do, however, encourage you to use MuleSoft’s Ideas Portal and contribute directly to our product roadmap.

We look forward to hearing your awesome ideas!

MuleSoft’s Product Team

*On-prem users have dedicated support center credentials.

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6 Responses to “Introducing MuleSoft’s Ideas Portal”

  1. Two stumbling blocks I’ve hit

    Can’t edit the Idea, I appreciate you would not want an idea getting changed after it receives upvotes…but a brief time delay would allow the usually corrections to spelling,grammar and layout.

    And I’m not sure how to post an image. I used a imgur url, but it got refused.

    • Hi Adrian, thank you for the feedback! We’re considering the edit mode & image upload for ideas, however, there are some technical implications. We will keep you posted.

  2. Great idea involving Mulesoft users to the continuous improvement of the product.

    Would it be possible to open the ideas portal to community edition users ?

    • Thierry, thanks for your feedback! We decided to roll it out to enterprise users first, however, we’re considering community users in the future.

  3. Currently there’s only one permission for Visualizer and that’s Visualizer Editor. Unfortunately some users alter the settings intentionally and some accidentally which is unfortunate.

    There should be another permission, probably Visualizer viewer so they can view it but not edit and let the administrators do changes in case needed.

  4. Can we have other permission than Visualizer Editor? Something like Visualizer viewer? The reason is Anypoint users tend to edit our current visualizer view in purpose or accidentally and that makes the view messy.