New Mule IDE coming

August 20 2010


If you have used the Mule IDE you know it helps greatly to simplify setting up a Mule project in Eclipse, editing XML, and debugging and testing your application.

However, it still requires you to delve into the world of XML and understand how the different elements of a Mule configuration can be chained together. An exciting new project is underway at MuleSoft to revolutionize the simplicity and ease of using Mule. MuleStudio is the next generation of Mule tooling and will provide an Eclipse-based graphical IDE for designing Mule integration flows.

Sneak Peak at MuleStudio

Sneak Peak at MuleStudio

The IDE will include an advanced graphical editor based on the Eclipse GEF/Draw2D frameworks as well as many wizards to help out with common tasks. A key component of the new tooling effort is first-class support for mule patterns based on the work done in Mule 3 to simplify common integration use cases. This support includes extension points for adding modules that contribute new endpoints and patterns to the platform, allowing developers to concentrate on higher-level concepts of message flow rather than hand-coding the configuration.

Sound interesting? MuleSoft is currently recruiting developers to work on this project in our San Francisco and Buenos Aires offices. If you know a thing or two about Eclipse plugins, have a passion for usability and UI design, and want to work on an exciting new open source project, find out more at MuleSoft Careers and contact us.

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7 Responses to “New Mule IDE coming”

  1. Please add support for loading configs from the classpath. Only reason we don’t use the IDE now.

  2. The key question is, how will this differ from the original Mule IDE (the abandoned early version that looked exactly like the screenshot above)?

  3. Hi,
    Ive tried using mule ide for a month for 2.2.1 version. It didnt have the UI part as specified in the mule books available in the market but supported the xml ones. It was then i had to create a swing client by myself to generate easier mule xml’s. Hope this version turns out good. All the best guys

  4. Thank you for the comments. We are incorporating feedback from users into the development of Mule Studio. The original IDE (from Mule 1.x and mentioned in the books) had some compelling features but was not maintainable at the level of quality we wanted for our community. Because of the architectural changes in Mule 3 we are now able to make some advancements in the tooling that was not possible before and we think you will like the results.

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  7. Sounds great. Few question inline:

    – When this will be available in the commercial release?
    – The phrase ‘Mule Studio’ seems so familiar. Did you copy it from VS or from one of your competitors?