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In the second blog roundup of this year, we are highlighting the top 7 blogs over the last three months––providing you, our readers, with insight into the top stories you may have missed!

1. Why the monolith isn’t dead

Many praise the microservices design approach, but does this mean that a monolithic architecture is outdated and inefficient? Think again. Read this blog to learn more about monolithic architectures and see what use cases render a monolithic design ideal.

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2. Announcing Mule 4 GA: Accelerating the speed of development

This year, we announced the GA release of Mule 4 and Studio 7, a major evolution of the core runtime behind Anypoint Platform. Read this blog to learn how Mule 4 enhances application development velocity, and introduces a simplified language for connectivity, clear access to data, automatic tuning, and smoother upgrade processes.

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3. Introducing Anypoint Platform Titan release

At this year’s CONNECT 2018, we unveiled Titan, the next major release of Anypoint Platform. This blog provides insight into our most comprehensive Anypoint Platform release to date––a release that marks a major milestone in our plan to help customers build flexible, secure, multi-cloud application networks.

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4. Running Mule 4 on Raspberry Pi

Mule 4 supports a wide variety of use cases, including IoT! Mule runtime can be installed on a wide range of hardware, ranging from IoT devices to high-end mainframes. In this blog post, we will look at the very bottom of this spectrum: the low-cost Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

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5. Building blockchain into your application network

Blockchain is the new buzzword on the block! In this blog, we review early blockchain use cases, with a view to understanding how Mule and Anypoint Platform can help accelerate the development of a variety of blockchain applications.

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6. Announcing MuleSoft’s 2018 Tech Innovator winners

Every day we hear amazing stories of our customers transforming their industries using Anypoint Platform. That is why this year, we introduced the MuleSoft Tech Innovator Awards to provide customers with the opportunity to showcase the innovations they have launched using Anypoint Platform. Check out the stories of 8 companies that won this award and how they are using Anypoint Platform.

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7. Mule 4: Migrating DevKit projects to the new Mule SDK

A major part of the Mule 4 release is the new Mule SDK. Mule SDK is the successor for Anypoint Connector DevKit, which is no longer compatible with Mule 4. Read this blog to learn more about how the new SDK builds on top of DevKit ideas, and allows you to extend Mule runtime with your own modules and connectors.

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