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To provide you with the best posts from the past month to go back and read, here are the five most popular blog posts in October 2019:

1: Why is everyone so emotional about GraphQL? 

After a decade of RESTful APIs dominating the landscape, a new crop of API protocols and design approaches have emerged: GraphQL. This is a contested topic among the API community. MuleSoft’s Global Leader of API Strategy attempts to answer the question: why everyone is so emotional about GraphQL?

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2: Introducing the Anypoint Platform October 2019 release

To help organizations bring consistent management and security to any service, MuleSoft is announcing the Anypoint Platform October 2019 release, featuring Anypoint Service Mesh, which goes into beta in mid-October and will GA in early 2020.

See what’s new with Anypoint Platform. 

3: 5 things you need to know about Salesforce integration

There are many ways to integrate Salesforce, and MuleSoft’s Salesforce Connector provides a comprehensive way to connect with each cloud. From an integration perspective, it is tempting to treat Salesforce as just another endpoint, but for best results, a deeper understanding of Salesforce integration can go a long way.

Read about SFDC integration.

4: How to use JSON Web Token (JWT) validation policy

Do you want to establish secure transactions between clients and your APIs? Do you want to know a safe way to represent information between two parties? Or confirm that the data was sent by an authentic source? JSON Web Token is a compact way to securely transmit information between two parties. 

Learn how.

5: Beyond MuleSoft Development Fundamentals: Mule 4 Logging

Logging is useful for monitoring and troubleshooting your Mule applications and the Mule server — whether that’s recording errors raised by the application or specific details, such as status notifications, custom metadata, and payloads. Learn a few options when looking to extend out-of-the-box logging functionality.

Discover Mule 4 logging.

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