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To provide you with the best posts from the past month to go back and read, here are the five most popular blog posts in September 2019:

1: The road to microservices: an overview of architectures

Architectures have developed and changed over the last decade, influencing the architectures of today. So, why did SOA fail? What led to the need for service mesh architecture? Get a quick history lesson from MuleSoft Client Architect Thomas Baumgart

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2: How to implemen t the file upload process in a REST API

File uploading is a standard integration to get information from a local computer to a remote one. Learn how to integrate a REST API to upload files from Thiago Santana, who’s part of our developer community. 

Learn how here

3: Announcing MuleSoft’s API Strategy Workshops

MuleSoft’s Global Leader of API Strategy, Matt McLarty, announces that this fall a new series of API Strategy Workshops will be launching in cities around the world. Learn which business goals APIs can help with and which API products can help achieve those goals.

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4: Event-driven architectures and the AsyncAPI specification

APIs are hard at work in airports. One excited API-enthusiast shares his experience during his last airport visit and how APIs helped communicate which gate a flight was assigned to and how those changes were communicated to passengers.  

Fly-high with APIs.

5: Simplifying Salesforce object interactions with the Salesforce Composite connector

Many developers may be familiar with the real-time, bulk, or streaming integration patterns that Salesforce supports. Learn about the lesser-known API resource Salesforce has released and the MuleSoft connector that supports it.  

See how to use the Salesforce Composite connector.

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