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This blog was written by CXC Senior Salesforce Administrator, Damian Blackley.

Australian contractor management solution provider CXC is the latest MuleSoft partner to embark on a digitization journey by streamlining its entire operations while allowing its clients to sync data between SAP FieldGlass and Salesforce in real-time.

CXC was founded in 1992 to provide contractor vetting, compliance, and payroll. We now act as an extension of our customer’s HR and procurement, taking responsibility for their entire workforce. Our in-house technology team works with our customers to implement the best integration practices and to ensure data is securely processed.

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Our operations are underpinned by our proprietary MyExchange system which manages our clients’ work lifecycle for supplementary staff. We built the system using the Salesforce Platform to take advantage of its workflow and automation prowess, driving greater efficiencies across the entire business. We’ve since added MuleSoft as an integration tool for MyExchange, streamlining even more of our operations.

Before working with MuleSoft, our biggest challenge was the resiliency of the architecture that supports those operations, causing users to find their own manual workarounds to problems. Working with MuleSoft, we’ve deployed solutions that drive efficiencies and eliminate excess manual processes.

We delivered the first phase of the MuleSoft integration in April 2021, allowing real-time data synchronization between SAP FieldGlass and Salesforce for our clients. Unlike our previous architecture, which caused delays between the sender and receiver, our customers can take advantage of processes that rely on real-time data. 

The results were immediate, the most important being a vastly improved customer experience for our existing customers. Our overall tech capabilities have since improved, with faster deployments, more resilient architecture, and a reduced margin for human error through automation. Having MuleSoft as a part of our toolset has enabled us to have better, more productive conversations with current and prospective clients. 

Future project phases will involve further integration with other systems to facilitate real-time data synchronization, improve processes, and automate processes for our clients and CXC.

Working with MuleSoft has been a real game-changer, not just for CXC but also for our customers. We’re only at the beginning of our digitalization journey, and we’re excited to see how far it can take us.

With over ten years of experience with Salesforce, Damian works in the CXC technology team to ensure the smooth running of the business.