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In our previous blog, we explored how MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a prebuilt solution of integration assets and instructions, helps you deliver connected commerce experiences faster by jumpstarting your product and inventory integrations to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This blog focuses on Accelerator’s newest capability, order management integration to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

Why order management integration is the key to new delivery models

Over the past few months stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and workplace mandates have aggressively pushed retailers to explore alternative delivery models such as in-home delivery, BOPI, and curbside pickup. In order for these delivery mechanisms to be successful, business processes need to capture order entry accurately, route orders to the correct fulfillment centers quickly, and provide accurate order status across the supply chain and to the customer — a delicate orchestration handled by your order management system (OMS). The challenge lies in integrating that OMS — often legacy, on-prem, or homegrown — to your modern commerce platform. With no silver bullet for integration, most companies turn to custom-code integration which is expensive, fragile, and time-consuming to develop. 

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To combat this and other common integration challenges, we released MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a solution of pre-built integration assets designed to connect your critical product and inventory data from your ERP and PIM directly into Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Introducing OMS support from MuleSoft Accelerator for Commerce Cloud 

Today, we are expanding our Accelerator’s capabilities and making it easier for you to process orders and provide your customers with the most up-to-date order status. MuleSoft Accelerator for Commerce Cloud now includes pre-built APIs, connectors, reference architecture, integration templates, and step-to-step instructions to connect your OMS to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

B2C Commerce Cloud and OMS integration (NEW): Ability to push new orders from Commerce Cloud to an external OMS and pull customer order status accurately from an external OMS from Commerce Cloud on a scheduled basis, set as appropriate for your company.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud has packaged over 28 assets:

Use the assets as they are, or extend them to meet your company’s unique needs.

With MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, delivering a connected commerce experience is faster and easier than ever before! 

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