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With the ongoing release of federal vaccine mandates, vaccine verifications are becoming even more essential as focus turns to returning to work safely. The Biden administration has released executive orders that mandate all federal employees and contractors to attest to their vaccine status — with no option to test out. In addition, all employers with more than 100 workers must require vaccinations or test employees for COVID-19 weekly before they enter the workplace. 

Government organizations must meet these ever-evolving guidelines, which requires them to implement a scalable, repeatable, and automated process that adapts quickly to meet the mandates and requirements while providing the flexibility to address future crises. 

Salesforce Vaccine Verification solution

Salesforce has responded to the need, putting the power back into the hands of each government organization to understand their workforce and the necessary investments for ensuring health and safety. With Salesforce’s Vaccine Verification solution, organizations can enable self-service attestations on a mobile-ready platform in as little as one week, giving organizations a 360-degree view of vaccination and test status. 

The solution allows employees and contractors to upload their vaccination and/or test status directly into the system to meet the requirements before entering the workplace. Those submitted attestations and test results are reviewed and verified to give the employees or contractors an office entry card. The solution allows for simple report generation — including decision-making dashboards with real-time data to enable informed, mission-critical decisions and investments. 

Integrating critical systems

The connectivity necessary to manage vaccine attestations and testing services across organizations only complicates an already fragmented public health ecosystem — agencies and states are already facing a record workforce shortage. Any manual verification further strains resources. 

In addition to core systems of record, integration with other systems such as vaccine record systems, third-party vaccine providers, and testing providers — as well as solutions to help manage those without access to digital credentials — becomes pertinent.

To create a seamless digital experience, integration is needed across multiple platforms that house testing data and credential data. With MuleSoft, organizations can unlock all of the necessary data and implement an API-led approach to create an agile, efficient, self-service vaccine attestation system. MuleSoft provides the API bridge to credential providers, labs, pharmacies, badging systems, and immunization registry (IIS), creating a single source of truth for the customer verification and credential journey by connecting Salesforce’s solution to back-end systems.

Once a user has provided their vaccination information, that information can be directly integrated and sent to an HR system of record. If a user is not yet vaccinated, MuleSoft enables seamless automated integration with third-party testing sites for COVID-19 test scheduling. Once employees return to work, attestation data can be shared with a hoteling/booking system for safe conference room and desk bookings. This connectivity across critical systems is made possible with MuleSoft.

With our API-led methodology, agility and scalability are built right into your organization’s architecture. If a new system needs access to this data, just add a single System API. If a new front-end app needs to be added to consume data, just add a new Experience API. None of the existing APIs and integrations need to be taken down or replaced.

Key integration use cases and possibilities 

The Salesforce solution can be scaled further with the capabilities of MuleSoft unlocking more possibilities to integrate with other applicable back-end systems. Here are a few key use cases where MuleSoft is required:

HR system and badging system integration

Once an employee or contractor has attested their vaccination or test status, MuleSoft enables integration with HR systems to track their attestation data against all other employee data. 

  • This is particularly applicable when there are policies in place that require attestation and/or a negative test result within 72 hours for access to the workplace.
  • Similarly, if any HR reports have to be generated to track the compliance of the policies in place, MuleSoft enables aggregation of attestation data and HR data for streamlined reporting.
  • MuleSoft’s built-in security and reliability also protects the privacy of personal credentialing and attestation data. 

Scheduling system integration

If an employee is not yet vaccinated and needs a COVID-19 test within the 72-hour window before returning to the office, the scheduling can be automated by integrating with an external (or internal) testing scheduling system. 

  • Scheduling the right test at the right time can be a cumbersome task for employees; automating this process will increase the number of employees returning to the office and improve employee retention.

Office booking system

If organizations have an internal hoteling/booking system to reserve desks or workspaces, attestation data must be shared with the booking system to allow the employee or contractor access to book a desk or conference room.

  • With integrated systems, the booking system will pull attestation verification information automatically to make booking a more seamless user experience.
  • This functionality can also extend to any badging or gate security systems that may require the attestation data to be synchronized.

Updating vaccination and test results

If the vaccination or testing status of any employee or contractor changes, their record must be updated. This means that the status change must be reflected in all systems that use the employee attestation data. 

  • Since this is an ongoing process, a single, one-time batch sync job relying on data entry every week will not suffice. On the other hand, employees who are expected to constantly update their records and status may become frustrated. 
  • MuleSoft enables real-time synchronization of data across systems, relieving the burden from the employee and ensuring accurate information for employers. 
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Get started with vaccine verification

The Salesforce Vaccine Verification solution coupled with MuleSoft’s integration capabilities empowers organizations to meet the mandate and accelerate a safe return to work. With an effective, agile, and future-proof solution, organizations can adapt to meet evolving requirements and scale for future crises. 

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