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Just in Q2 of this year, digital shopping revenue grew an unprecedented 71% compared to the previous year. As shoppers become digital natives, successful businesses such as WatchBox are turning to Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud to deliver customer-centric commerce experiences everywhere. 

However, commerce experiences are only as valuable as the data that powers them. This data — your pricing, product catalogs, order, and even promotional information for example — needs to flow from legacy systems to your new storefronts synchronously and without any interruptions.

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Leading this delicate orchestration of data are your integrations. Typically, businesses will write custom code to integrate data to and from Commerce Cloud. Custom code requires deep technical expertise, offers questionable reliability, and is difficult to maintain. A better, simpler, and faster choice is to use Commerce Cloud’s newest Salesforce Commerce APIs to create an API-driven backend architecture that adheres to industry standards. And to simplify the integration process even further, today we are releasing MuleSoft Connectors for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud.

What are MuleSoft Connectors for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud?

Developed by Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud and certified by MuleSoft, MuleSoft Connectors for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud save IT teams development time with faster integrations to and from Commerce Cloud. The connector abstract away complexity and technical details involved with accessing your underlying commerce data, and provides a simpler way — using drop-down selections — to start configuring your Commerce Cloud integrations quickly.

Key benefits:

  • Connect to B2C Commerce Cloud easily: Access underlying commerce data and new Commerce APIs with best-in-class connectors using clicks, not custom code.
  • Build headless experiences quickly: Start developing fast by reusing preconfigured connectors to extend your commerce data anywhere.
  • Go API-first, confidently: Built by Commerce Cloud and certified by MuleSoft to ensure highest performance, scalability, and security.

Details about the connectors

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Connectors is a collection of two connectors, Data and Shop Connector:

  • Data Connector enables faster integration to your backend external systems — such as OMS, CRM and PIM systems. For example, you can access, create, update, or delete your product and product catalogs on your external systems and even manage orders from your OMS. This connector is available now! 
  • Shop Connector allows you to create storefront workflows and interactions such as providing access to shopping applications, social network integrations, or even cart/checkout integrations into a mobile app. With this connector, place orders, retrieve order status, check and adjust product prices, control promotions, manage customer information, or even create and update gift certificates across your various shopping applications. This connector will be available at the end of the year. 

How do I get started?

  1. Visit MuleSoft Exchange to find the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Data Connector
  2. Download the connector.
  3. Open the connector in MuleSoft Anypoint Studio.
  4. Start building your Commerce integrations!

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