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Data is one of the most valuable business assets, across all industries, and geographies. The organizations that are able to capture the full power of their data are seeing huge benefits — they are 23x more likely to add customers, 19x more likely to be profitable, and see 7x faster growth than global GDP.

The role of data is arguably even greater during periods of crisis and change, as we are in today, as companies aim to move with speed and precision. As an example, health care providers are applying patient data to conduct contact tracing, facilitate urgent COVID-19 patient needs, and adhere to new interoperability requirements, on top of ongoing efforts to compile the necessary data to see a complete picture of each patient’s health. This is further complicated by new service and engagement models, HIPAA compliance requirements, and new and evolving healthcare requirements.

Across healthcare and other industries alike, decision makers are working to get the full picture by securely connecting business data — no matter where it resides — with critical external sources like public health status, economic indicators, and government policy.

But, the problem is, that data is everywhere and it is often siloed. That means business and IT leaders are tasked with integrating and analyzing disparate data to drive meaningful insights for the business. At the same time, the amount of data is increasing dramatically, posing many new challenges in data integration, visualization, and analysis.

This is where MuleSoft and Tableau can help. Together, MuleSoft and Tableau are helping businesses in every industry unlock, understand, and act on all of their data. MuleSoft’s power comes from its ability to create a resilient matrix of APIs that connects all of your applications together. Tableau can then tap into that fully connected network of applications to greatly expand the data available for analysis. Leveraging the reusable APIs, pre-built connectors and integration templates, you can free all your data across your enterprise for analysis. That way you can truly see and understand all your data, across silos, and drive meaningful action in your business.

This is the subject of the upcoming Salesforce Live event, Driving Growth through Data Strategy. During this event, MuleSoft and Tableau executives, along with customer Trailblazers, will dive into the world of data. You’ll hear from customers and data luminaries about how data is powering organizational growth and success. You will also have the opportunity to learn how MuleSoft and Tableau can streamline data integration and analysis to make data easy and ultimately power growth in your business.

Register here, and then join us July 23 at 1:00pm PST for the main keynote stream. You can also join one of five Meet the Expert rooms starting at 1:30pm PST to interact directly with MuleSoft, Tableau. and Salesforce experts and customers to get all your questions answered.

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