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MuleSoft is excited to announce that we’re enabling a new model of collaboration between the business and IT through MuleSoft Composer and Anypoint Platform. With the launch of API Sharing for Anypoint Platform, IT and business users can work together to create new types of automations that were difficult – if not impossible – to create in the past. 

Anypoint Platform API Sharing for Composer

In 2021, we launched MuleSoft Composer, to make it easy and fast for business teams to connect applications with the oversight of IT. API Sharing is the next step in that journey – enabling IT and the business to truly collaborate, without sacrificing security. 

With API Sharing, business users are empowered to automate across every system, whether it’s a popular SaaS application or a homegrown system built in house. Applications that were previously only accessible to an IT team and its developers can now be leveraged by everyone in an organization to automate. For example, a service team could use Composer with a custom order management system and an Einstein Bot to automate responses to shipping inquiries without using IT resources. 

API Sharing makes it simple for IT teams to make APIs managed by Anypoint Platform available to the rest of their organizations to use through Anypoint Exchange. In Exchange, business users can self-serve by easily discovering and requesting access to APIs. Once access is granted by IT, users can find these APIs alongside the out-of-the-box connectors in Composer. 

Business users don’t need to worry about any of the complexity of interfacing with backend systems. Shared APIs work seamlessly within Composer flows, just like any other Composer connector. Throughout the development process, IT maintains the ability to govern access to these APIs. 

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API Sharing in action 

Want to see it in action? Check out our demo:

We’re super excited by the possibilities unlocked by API Sharing. And we plan to continue to expand the envelope of collaboration capabilities in Composer over the coming year. 

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