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Earlier this year, MuleSoft unveiled a new product line for business teams called MuleSoft Composer — the fastest and easiest way for business teams to automate experiences by connecting applications in partnership with IT.

We first built and released MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce, which became generally available in March. It enabled Salesforce-centric teams to quickly create connected experiences by securely automating integrations between Salesforce and other systems — all without writing any code.

That was just the beginning. Since then, we’ve focused on driving innovation for both business and IT teams — beyond just connecting to Salesforce. Now, MuleSoft Composer is ready for the next step of its evolution; it’s now generally available. 

Welcome to MuleSoft Composer

We’re expanding the possibilities of who can use and benefit from Composer, which is why we’re introducing it today. MuleSoft Composer has become truly agnostic — opening the door for innovation for all business teams.

Now, any business team can build automated experiences and connect applications using out-of-the-box connectors. This can be done anywhere with MuleSoft Composer.

With MuleSoft Composer: 

  • HR teams can accelerate the new-hire processes by automatically updating employee profiles and payroll attributes from Workday to Jira, and alerting the employee in Slack. 
  • Customer service teams can automate creating and syncing customer records between Zendesk, Netsuite, and Stripe — simplifying the customer onboarding process. 
  • Sales operations teams can build Composer flows between Salesforce and NetSuite to boost operational efficiency across the quote-to-cash process. They can then visualize their sales data using Tableau.
  • Any team can get customized Slack notifications triggered by actions in the applications they commonly use — keeping teams up-to-date on outstanding tickets and accounts and improving communications across the organization.

The right tool for the right job

IT has typically been the driving force behind innovation within the enterprise. But, the demand for IT resources is outpacing their capacity. They must partner closely with their business stakeholders on joint goals and outcomes, while empowering them to innovate on their own with the proper security and governance controls in place. 

In our latest IT and business alignment barometer, we surveyed 2,400 global IT and business decision makers about their business priorities over the next 12 months and the challenges they face. The big areas of focus that emerged were alignment, automation, and security.

Most (86%) of respondents said that empowering business users to create connected experiences themselves would improve business outcomes. This is made possible with MuleSoft Composer. It enables business users to build integrations so IT can focus on delivering the more technical and innovative projects in Anypoint Platform. Anypoint Platform and Composer — together — help boost IT and business team collaboration.

What comes next?

MuleSoft Composer will continue to evolve as we add more capabilities to meet the new demands of the enterprise. We’re also adding new connectors each month, which means the power of Composer will continue to grow as business teams are enabled to unlock even more use cases. 

MuleSoft will continue to evolve its technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of IT and business team collaboration by adding new capabilities to our products. As we strive toward seamless collaboration, business teams can connect apps and data in Composer, while Anypoint Platform serves as the command center for IT to govern, manage, and monitor these integrations.

Learn more

To learn more about MuleSoft Composer, register for MuleSoft Transform in AMER-friendly timezones on Dec 7 and Dec 9 for APAC-friendly timezones. If you’re ready to get started with Composer today, check out our MuleSoft Composer Basics training or our MuleSoft Composer User Management training. 

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