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Every summer, interns at MuleSoft tackle diverse projects––from designing new features for our product to building connections with prospective clients. I just wrapped up my internship along with five other interns at MuleSoft, a Salesforce company, where we were lucky to essentially be receiving a 2 for 1 experience: reaping the benefits of being part of Futureforce, Salesforce’s robust internship program, yet also working within the MuleSoft organization in a slightly smaller company environment.

The internship program at MuleSoft is designed to set students up for success, with detailed project plans and mentorship opportunities that make every moment more productive than the next. By partnering with Futureforce, we also got to enjoy fireside chats with executives, a boat cruise, and an intern presentation day. We really feel like we’re contributing to the company, and we get to have a lot of fun while doing it!

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I asked the rest of the interns from this summer to share a little bit about what they’ve been working on—read on to see the broad spectrum of projects and teams this class of interns is a part of!

Daniel McCormick, Account Development Intern

“The opportunity to be a strategic partner on the Account Development team has been a game changer for me. I worked with teams across various departments – from Account Executives and Solutions Consultants to Customer Success Managers – in order to drive opportunities in the pipeline.  This was actually my second summer as an Intern on the Account Development team. As a result, I was put on the Strategic Account team, and was trusted to own my own book of business. I consistently engaged with C-level executives in my accounts and was given the opportunity to drive value for the field organization and the company at large.

My management team and summer mentor, Layla Memar, have provided me with the confidence to pursue this opportunity with full force. I can’t imagine another internship program that provides this level of trust, responsibility, and respect for interns.

I constantly hear stories of friends in internships where they spend all day doing remedial tasks, without getting any glimpse of how the business is actually operating. This is simply not in the MuleSoft DNA. Everyone in the company is maniacally focused on maintaining our position as an industry-leading disruptor, and puts in the work to ensure that we continue down that path. At MuleSoft, you’re surrounded by A-players that don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Being around this energy, especially early in my career, has reshaped how I operate as a person and as a professional.

I cannot imagine a more immersive internship program, and I feel extremely lucky to have worked on this team for two summers. If you are looking to pursue a career in tech, there is no better gateway into a high-growth, industry-leading company.”

Ching-Yi Lin, Software Engineering Intern

“When I graduated from college, I started my career as a Solutions Engineer for cloud services and client security. Over the course of the past three years, I have spotted so many user pain points in IT infrastructure, operations, and development that have yet to be addressed. When I returned to school to pursue a Masters Degree in Information Management and Systems at University of California at Berkeley, I decided to shift my career to software engineering so that I could be a part of building more impactful products to address these inefficiencies.

I’m so lucky to intern at MuleSoft. This is the perfect place to work to address the pains in IT systems. As a Software Engineering Intern, I was able to write production code for a new product and help design features to improve user experiences. On my team, we have daily stand-up meetings, where everyone on the team needs to share what they did yesterday, and what they plan to do today. I remember feeling a mixture of happiness and anxiety at my first one of those meetings because I was so junior and thought I wouldn’t have anything good to say. But everyone on the team welcomed me right away, and since then, I’ve enjoyed every moment that I’ve spent discussing expected customer behaviors with the team.

I have so many good memories here. Everyone on my team is super nice, supportive, and responsive. They guided me through problems when I was stuck. They traced code with me for hours, especially when we were all racing against time to finish a project deadline. I love that my manager keeps our weekly 1:1 check-ins even when his calendar looks like a colorful puzzle filled with back to back meetings.

I remember receiving a welcome email before my internship started that said, ‘Don’t worry, no one will leave you behind here.’ When I look back on the past 10 weeks, I can’t remember a single time when I felt left behind. As a MuleSoft intern, everyone on your team has your back.”

Danny Goldman, Industry and Solutions Marketing Intern

“I have loved being a part of the MuleSoft product marketing team. As an intern, I led and developed our go-to-market strategy and messaging for Human Resources (HR) digital transformation. I also worked on a variety of projects focused on the public sector, including leading our GTM strategy and sales plays for HR in the public sector. It has been challenging, but incredibly rewarding work. I am proud of the fact that the materials I am leaving behind will enable all of our account teams across the globe to pursue HR and government opportunities more effectively and generate more revenue for the business.  

For me, one highlight has been getting to know the MuleSoft team and realizing how welcoming and supportive everyone is. Even before the first day of my internship, my manager, Matt, and the rest of the Industry Marketing team invited me to MuleSoft tech conferences and team dinners in the city. That meant a lot, as it showed me that I was being treated as a truly valuable member of the team.

My experience upon arriving for the internship was no different. Everyone was always willing to support me, challenge me, and just get to know me. It’s a fantastic work culture––one where you not only feel welcomed, but also motivated to do your best.

Another highlight for me was our offsite at the escape room in San Francisco. I was tasked with planning a social event with our Industry and Digital Marketing teams. I organized an escape room and dinner, and it was a lot of fun.

It has been a fantastic summer. I learned a lot about product marketing, how to develop messaging to HR and the public sector, and working with others across teams, all while contributing to a company and vision that I am passionate about.”

Megan Brazil, Field Marketing Intern

Working with the field marketing team has been such a valuable and eye-opening experience. I had the opportunity to not only learn from the Field Marketing team, but from Muleys across numerous departments such as PR, industry marketing, and the digital team––to name a few. I also worked side-by-side with my team by planning and executing MuleSoft Summits, API Workshops, and Lunch & Learns. I also collected data for these events, in order to measure their success and implement changes in event structure to increase future success.

MuleSoft has created such a welcoming and encouraging environment, I can’t imagine going into my senior year at UC Berkeley in any other internship program. As my internship continues into the school year, I look forward to having the opportunity to work with different departments across the marketing team.”

Krishna Kalubandi, Software Engineering Intern

“I am currently doing my Masters in Computer Science at University of California at San Diego. This is my third internship and the first one in the Bay Area! I am working on the Anypoint Message Queue, where we build a distributed message queue service that is spread across various parts of the world. A message queue is one of the fundamental components of distributed systems. I find it fascinating that our platform handles millions of transactions. The most interesting part of the job is knowing that our work has that kind of massive impact.

As an intern, I worked on adding various features to our Message Queue service, and deployed them to data centers around the world. Over the course of the internship, I’ve realized the importance of DevOps, monitoring, and logging, and how crucial they are to providing high service availability––especially for ensuring scale.

Our team is small, fun, and the mentorship here is amazing. I love going on food adventures with my team every week, and taking breaks with my coworkers to play FIFA and learn new tricks from the Senior Architects (check out my favorite FIFA spot in the above picture!). Overall, I feel like MuleSoft is a place where you get to be a part of a small team solving complex challenges, while having a holistic idea of the product and unlimited fun!”

Brett Rabenou, Account Development Intern

“Interning at MuleSoft has exceeded my expectations in every way. For one, the fact that I got the same training and responsibility as full-time employees is so unique. I’ve never seen another organization put such a large investment and trust in their interns. As a result, we are positioned to make an immediate and significant impact on the business.

My day-to-day on the Account Development team consisted of doing account research and reaching out to key mobilizers within those accounts. Because MuleSoft’s product is highly technical,  my conversations tended to have an educative and consultative aspect to it. This is something I find to be both challenging and extremely interesting. No two conversations you have with prospects will be the same, and you always have to be ready to pivot your point of view.

Although there is a steep learning curve, MuleSoft has enabled me to grow so much in such a short amount of time. I’m incredibly grateful to all the amazing people I’ve met this summer who helped me along this journey!”

Natalie Nagorski, Recruiting and Customer Marketing Intern

“My internship has been focused on content creation, and I’ve had the unique experience of writing for two teams this summer. About half of my projects were tied to the Recruitment Marketing team at Salesforce, and the rest fed into Customer Marketing for our Web team at MuleSoft.

During one of the first few weeks of my internship at MuleSoft, I found myself at a lunch meeting with the other interns and Greg Schott, our CEO. One of the other interns turned to Greg and asked, “Can I be radically candid with you for a second?” and Greg responded, “Absolutely!” Just weeks later, at a Salesforce team offsite, my manager’s boss turned to me after a meeting and asked for my input on the team’s strategy for the next quarter. That type of trust and attention that mentors instill in interns is amazing. The dual concepts of “radical candor” at MuleSoft, and “trust” at Salesforce aren’t just jargon, they really speak to the way people treat each other here.

Above are some pictures with people from MuleSoft and Salesforce! The image on the left is from a Recruitment Marketing trip to a Giants game, and the other one is from “Waffle Wednesdays”––a bonding event for new hires at MuleSoft. Working cross-functionally for both of these teams has been great, and learning about different aspects of the business has helped me build a richer understanding of the organization at large.

Both teams have provided me with the opportunity to write net-new content for audiences that matter. That’s just not something you find at internships at a lot of other companies. Over the past 10 weeks, I’ve been trusted to write bylines in the field for our hiring managers, produce net-new customer case studies, and – as of last week – direct a video too!

Unlike a lot of internships I’ve had in the past, interns aren’t just treated as another cog in the machine here. We are valued as people with unique skill sets and valuable perspectives. I couldn’t be more grateful for that sense of trust imbued in the culture here, and for the incredible mentors I’ve met along the way.”

If you’re looking to be surrounded by the best people in tech, and a summer experience that will push you to new heights, then MuleSoft is the place for you! Check out our open internship positions and feel free to drop me a note to learn more about why I love interning at MuleSoft.