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I’m writing this having a coffee and looking out at a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, in a brand new office built to accommodate plenty more passionate Muleys in the coming months. It’s pretty remarkable to be here right now because just four years ago, there was no coffee, no office, no view. Four years ago, I had just started at MuleSoft as employee number one for the APAC region. I knew I was embarking on something special—the leadership, particularly in the field organization, is unparalleled (I’ve worked with some of the leaders at previous organisations). The more I learned about the market opportunity at hand and the absolute potential for growth and impact, the more I was hooked and haven’t looked back.

Getting AMPed: Our unique spin on MuleSoft culture

Today, we’re at over 50 people in our Sydney office, with more than 80 Muleys in the whole of ANZ, including an office in Melbourne. We’re truly investing in our growth in APAC with this new flagship office in North Sydney. We have loads of seats to fill, and there’s a huge amount of meeting spaces for us to work and collaborate. Face-time is core to our culture at MuleSoft, and this space makes it easy to connect with coworkers and get things done.

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As a company, we look at our four core values as our true north, that which drive us to be better and behave as individuals within MuleSoft, all working toward the same massive goals. In Sydney, we have a bit of a pioneering culture, being so far physically from HQ in San Francisco, and we put our own spin atop those values. We call it getting AMPed, and it’s all about the end-game and how we achieve it:

  1. Autonomy—freedom to get things done as an individual without fear of failure
  2. Mastery— is focused on how we approach our Purpose – being really good at what we do, having both the knowledge and track record of success
  3. Purpose— is focused on what we believe in – why we are creating a great company that delivers sensational outcomes for our customers

A brand new space to call our own in North Sydney

The beauty of the new office is that we’re creating it from scratch and making it uniquely MuleSoft, which is awesome because we can tailor it to our growth and to all the fun activities we already do together as a team. It’s a fun and spirited group here, and we’ve organized vertical wine tastings with cheeses, Toasty Tuesdays, catered lunches, and after hours drinks as an office or by the team.

In Sydney, we have roles covering all departments in our Field org, including Sales, Account Development, Channels, Customer Success, Pre-Sales, Professional Services, Support, and Marketing. You really get the full end-to-end view of how we drive engagements with our customers and see the fruits of your labour first-hand. Our Support team has grown significantly since we started, and we’re one of the few offices offering multi-language support, so we’re equipped to serve our customers in Asia.

A major market opportunity

Being in the SaaS business, customer success is vital, and everyone in the organization is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in every interaction. Since we began in this region, we’ve added roughly a new customer every week, and we have an extensive portfolio of major companies.

Working at MuleSoft is an opportunity to make a difference because every company today needs what MuleSoft has to offer to have a competitive edge. Digital transformation is no longer achieved through any one technology, but rather by bringing multiple technologies together to create truly distinctive and compelling solutions. $400B is spent each year on integration, and the problem is growing dramatically with the rise of cloud, mobile, and IoT. MuleSoft provides the leading platform to help organisations change and innovate faster by making it easy to connect their applications, data, and devices.

Amongst the many MuleSoft projects that make us really proud are some like helping the citizens of the State of NSW get all their licensing needs—car registration, fishing, you name it—in one place by working with the State Government to connect their underlying agencies. We’re working to improve outcomes for children at risk working with the Department of Family and Community Services. We’re a market leader in media with customers like Foxtel, FoxSports, and Fairfax. We are working with many Universities like Deakin, Monash, Curtin and others to deliver better student experiences.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on driving digital transformation across APAC, and we need bright, passionate people with an entrepreneurial spirit to connect the world with us.

Join us in Sydney

When I think about that one capstone opportunity that defines one’s career, all I have to do is look around our North Sydney office, and I know. This is the place. There’s so much opportunity here, and I’m delighted to embark on our growth in the region even more with our new office. All of us here in Sydney are happy to chat with anyone who’s looking for a career-defining opportunity at MuleSoft—just drop me a note, or check out our open roles in Sydney and the rest of APAC.

Looking forward to coffee and views with many more Muleys soon. Cheers!