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Great Place to Work named MuleSoft, a Salesforce Company, one of the Best Workplaces in Argentina for the third year. This recognition would not be possible without our incredible employees who propel us forward during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Among MuleSoft employees there is a sense of ownership when it comes to creating and maintaining the culture that makes MuleSoft such a great place to work.

In our Argentina office, there is an unwavering commitment to culture of trust and continuous innovation. It’s this commitment that lured me to MuleSoft a few years ago and it’s this commitment that keeps me here today.

MuleSoft officially joined Salesforce more than a year ago and have experienced remarkable growth over the last 18 months because of it. The transition process been fantastic, albeit scary, but our business is stronger for it. Some of the unique practices that we adopted from Salesforce have been central to our success since the acquisition.

Trust is one of Salesforce’s core values and it is the foundation of a great workplace culture. Transparency is the foundation of trust. We find alignment and transparency in our goals by using the V2MOM, which is our business plan for the year. Aligning in this way has been extremely helpful for my team and I’ve seen the improvement in our day-to-day interactions. We have a clear understanding of where we’re going, how we plan to get there, and how we can mutually support each other during the process.

Given the nature of our industry, it isn’t surprising that innovation is paramount to our success. So paramount, in fact, that we consider it another core value. From the moment a person walks into the MuleSoft Argentina offices you feel that it is a world class innovation center. A large majority of MuleSoft products are developed in our local offices, which means our employees are responsible many of the innovations of this platform. Our employees have the opportunity to make a significant impact. I experience a sense of deja vu each day when I realize that I’m sharing the same space as fellow Trailblazers. I work alongside people who are leading the charge in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and changing the world. It’s an incomparable feeling.

Our repeat recognition for this award is, in part, due to the commitment we have to building a workplace culture of trust and continuous innovation. We’re humbled and honored by this, and thank our employees for all that they do to uphold our culture and values.

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