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We are excited to announce that MuleSoft’s UK offices – in London and Reading – have been named best places to work in the UK by the Sunday Times. We opened our first office in EMEA in London and, just last year, we expanded to Reading. Today, we have a number of offices across the EMEA region, including Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

To share a deeper insight with you about how our UK offices are building a unique spin on MuleSoft culture and keeping with our commitment to building an exceptional workplace, we sat down with David Macmillan, Vice President of EMEA, to hear his thoughts and vision.

1. In your experience, what makes a great workplace?

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Today’s workplace is an environment where we do not just “get the job done and go home;” rather, it is an environment where we work toward growing ourselves (both personally and professionally), learn from our peers, drive impact and, most of all, have fun in the process.

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MuleSoft’s London office fulfills all of the above. We are located in the heart of London, in an inviting, warm, and central office. The London location, like others, provides Muleys with the opportunity to work alongside great humans in an intellectually stimulating, professionally challenging environment. In my time here, I’ve worked closely with Muley’s hailing from regions across the globe, who bring with them a diverse and rich set of cultures and backgrounds.

2. What makes MuleSoft’s culture in the UK unique?

I think that there are two main aspects of MuleSoft’s culture that are unique:

1. Unified, close-knit office culture. Across all of our offices in EMEA, we work with a shared sense of purpose to collaborate cross-functionally to deliver great outcomes on behalf of our customers, partners, and the company. To reinforce this, we also share time together as a team, celebrating customs through our “Muley National Days” and other events like “Fry Up Fridays,” where we eat an English breakfast together once a month.

2. Multidimensional sale. We don’t just sell connectivity software. We are not satisfied with just helping customers connect point A to point B; rather, we work together with our customers to ensure that we provide them with tangible, positive business outcomes. This is why selling at MuleSoft is a very multidimensional process. We get the opportunity to deliver a strategic solution to our customers based on MuleSoft’s category-defining application network platform. Sales teams enjoy working with senior executives to define strategies, while supporting the delivery teams that are instrumental in driving success.  

3. What are some things you’re looking forward to improving locally?

This is a great question because although we are in the top places to work, our culture is maturing and there are always opportunities and areas for improvement. MuleSoft is not alone in this. As we continue to expand in the EMEA region, there’s no doubt that there will be a lot of moving parts and, as a result, some teams may be ahead of other teams and it’s important that we continue to realign as we move forward.

As I lead the region, I want to ensure that we continue to communicate well and pave roads for every team to be successful. “Paving roads” is a term we use at MuleSoft that helps us always think of scalability whenever we start a new project. For instance, instead of just checking the boxes when we’re finishing something, we think to ourselves: “how can we enable others around me to reuse this later? How will this solution solve a similar problem tomorrow or next month?” Paving roads is critical to a fast-growing company like ours, and it ensures mutual success across every team.

There is so much more to come as we expand throughout the UK and the rest of Europe. Come help us solve the biggest problem in IT and build a great company together! Apply to any of our open roles today.