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Last year, while we were discussing sponsoring an organization supporting women in technology, an idea came up: doing something ourselves. We thought about what we wished we had known before starting our careers and all agreed we would have liked to know upfront what the job looked like: what work we could actually do, which roles we could have and how was the day to day in a tech company. An open house seemed like a great way to show what life in MuleSoft is like, so we invited students in technology related careers to visit our offices in Buenos Aires and get a glimpse at the tech world.


Touring the office, we talked about the importance of quality and testing to us, the open office design to promote cross team collaboration, the many meeting rooms with teleconference equipment to connect us to other office locations and one of our colleagues even shared his experience with our internship program and his current work. We also went through some of the roles in the company, from automation and testing, engineering and management, exploring what a career path in technology could look like.


We thought it would be great for students to learn some useful tools for their future work and even their university assignments and since we also wanted to highlight the importance of diversity, we teamed up with Linux Chix Argentina to present talks on bash and git. Going through commands like grep all through the workflow of creating a repository and sharing it with others, we hope to light up the curiosity of the attendees to go further and keep learning.  


Being our first event of this sort, it took a lot of teamwork to make it happen. From Muleys sharing the invite in social media and their own universities, to the planning of the talks and all the setup needed hours (even weeks) before, I want to thank everyone who helped make this a reality, particularly Eleonora Ortega for her commitment. We’ve had great feedback and it’s all because of the hard work and support of all those involved.


This was a great experience for us and we look forward to doing it again. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more on this soon.

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