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At MuleSoft, we are dedicated to not only creating a great workplace, but also putting our culture of innovation into practice to help our employees and customers succeed. Today, thanks to our work with partners and customers, we are happy to announce that we have been awarded a top 25 most innovative company by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) and awarded the top company for process innovation for our work with NSW Pathology and iSelect.

The award, now in its sixth year, ranks the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. In this context, innovation is broadly defined as any “change that adds value.” A team of innovation consultants analyze qualitative and quantitative data, including employee surveys, to determine both the ingenuity and impact of each company’s innovations.

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Winning this prestigious award means a lot to us because it is a testament to our ongoing internal innovations as well as our dedication to drive innovation for our customers.

Internal Innovation: Company-wide Hackathon

To illustrate, at MuleSoft, we always ensure that all employees are motivated to innovate and understand that they have a chance to make a difference in the world. It is why raising the bar to make everything around us more “awesome” is one of our four core values.  

It is also why MuleSoft ranked highly for its strong innovation “climate” on the individual, team, leader, and organizational levels. For example, we recently held a company-wide hackathon – presented science-fair style – to unlock the engineering team’s creativity. The event led to a gold mine of ideas, some of which went immediately on our short-term roadmap.

We are also constantly enabling our customers and partners to drive innovation. Take, for example, our work with NSW Pathology, Australia’s Ministry of Health.

Customer Innovation: NSW Pathology Care Transformation

NSW Pathology came to MuleSoft with the aim to improve the patient experience and the overall quality of care. Traditionally, patients had to wait days to receive time-critical pathology tests and, in some cases, had to travel to clinicians to receive the results. To address this, NSW Pathology wanted to implement a solution that provided patients with faster pathology results and treatment, while eliminating the need to travel. This solution was critical for streamlining the patient experience and improving quality of care, especially for the elderly.

Using MuleSoft, NSW Pathology installed and networked over 450 point of care testing devices for collecting and analyzing pathology specimens in real-time across 180+ hospitals. The devices are linked to a back-end data quality assessment to ensure they’re accredited and equivalent to a lab result. NSW Pathology’s solution is considered the world’s largest integrated point of care testing program, administering over 1.6 million tests each year.

NSW Pathology drastically improved the patient experience as a result of this innovation. Today, patients do not need to travel long distances for pathology tests and can receive their results more quickly. In addition, NSW Pathology has also significantly reduced costs; one hospital, for example, is expecting $188K in annual savings for urgent patient transfer costs, patient taxi fares, and other costs.

Customer Innovation: iSelect Business Transformation

We also worked to drive innovation with iSelect, a health insurance company in Australia. The company came to us to address challenges with connecting their Salesforce CRM system, Aspect Via telephony platform, and iConnect analytics platform. Connecting these applications and systems proved integral for improving the customer experience and gaining relevant customer insights.  

This mission required iSelect to remove legacy IT constraints and evolve their products to better enable core services, such as life admin. Using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, iSelect connected all of these touch points in one month through out-of-the-box connectors in Anypoint Exchange.

With MuleSoft, iSelect transformed its entire business––recently surpassing over 4.5M unique visitors. Today, it captures more customer data and provides more intelligent recommendations on life admin for customers that don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves.

NSW Pathology and iSelect are just a couple innovations that MuleSoft has helped drive in Australia––others include supporting Deakin University in building a digital platform for over 50,000 students and staff members, and helping mail carrier ParcelPoint create a single view of partners, 1,500+ stores, and 80+ retailers.

Innovations beyond Australia include helping U.S.-based Buffalo Wild Wings analyze beer consumption using IoT and Anypoint Platform, and U.K.-based retailer GANT make omnichannel “a piece of cake.”

And for us, these innovations are just the start!

We want to thank the Australian Financial Review for this distinguished award. If you’re interested in learning more about MuleSoft, explore how we help customers drive business transformation.

And if you’re excited about contributing to our innovative work, check out open roles in Sydney or visit our careers site.