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In 2023, the MuleSoft Community rallied behind our amazing products, shared their experience at TDX, Dreamforce, and World Tours, gave back to their local communities, and upskilled their MuleSoft knowledge. Below, we’ve put together a quick recap to highlight some of the amazing accomplishments of the MuleSoft Community. 

Muley Pride

The MuleSoft Community loved to represent their favorite #MuleyMoments featuring our new Muley sweater. We celebrated their dedication and enthusiasm for MuleSoft through a fun photoshoot and a recap of what it means to be a Muley. 

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Our community also represented their Muley pride at huge events spanning TDX23, DF23, World Tours in London, New York (twice!), D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, MuleSoft Summits, and global community conferences. With over 55 MuleSoft Community sessions worldwide, our community enabled thousands of attendees on MuleSoft.

Muleys sparkled

This year, the MuleSoft Community truly sparkled as we welcomed three new Golden Hoodie recipients, recognized a MuleSoft Community Legend, and introduced five MuleSoft Ambassadors into the Hall of Fame. 

Golden Hoodie recipients

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating Felipe Ocadiz, Jennifer Cole, and Nadina Lisbon. These three individuals represent our core community values of giving back, challenging themselves, and going above and beyond to enable others on MuleSoft. Felipe, Jennifer, and Nadina are invaluable resources for those looking to skill up in integration and automation across all MuleSoft products. We are so proud of them!

Celebrating a MuleSoft Community legend

If you are familiar with the MuleSoft Community or if you’ve ever looked for MuleSoft technical help online, we are pretty sure you know of Manik Magar. This year we had the privilege of recognizing Manik for his years of contributions to the MuleSoft Community as our one and only MuleSoft Community Legend. Thank you Manik for all you do.

Our first-ever MuleSoft Ambassador Hall of Fame

The MuleSoft Ambassador program began in 2018 through the support of five truly amazing individuals in the MuleSoft Community. Over the years, these same five people have been vital to the growth and success of the MuleSoft Ambassador program as we know it. In September, we had the ultimate pleasure of inducting these trailblazing MuleSoft Ambassadors into the brand new MuleSoft Ambassador Hall of Fame! Congrats to Felipe Ocadiz, Manik Magar, Manish Yadav, Miguel Martinez, and Santosh Ojha.

MuleSoft Ambassador Hall of Fame

Muleys love automation and integration

It’s no secret that the MuleSoft Community loves automation and integration. This past year, our leaders created over 6000 pieces of content about MuleSoft products like Anypoint Code Builder, MuleSoft Composer, MuleSoft RPA, Anypoint Experience Hub, Anypoint Partner Manager, CloudHub 2.0, and more. We also witnessed Muleys getting into podcasting with Between Two Mules and Bits That Bind. Check out awesome MuleSoft Community created content on Another Integration Blog, YouTube, and more.

Muleys came together

There is nothing better than a Muley reunion at TDX, Dreamforce, Mule Dreamin’, and our virtual global community conferences. Whether Muleys were in-person or virtual, they found time to come together and connect throughout 2023. This past year, the MuleSoft Community hosted the first ever Mule Dreamin event in India featuring over 1000 attendees.

We also brought together Muleys, Trailblazers, Slack, and DataFam members during our global community conferences featuring technical talks about each product. You can catch the recordings in Spanish and Portuguese and here in English. Throughout the year, the MuleSoft Community hosted 400+ events around the world both virtually and in person.

Muleys Gave Back

Growing personally and professionally is all about finding the right coach to guide you on your journey. Our 70 MuleSoft Ambassadors spent a majority of 2023 coaching the next cohort of MuleSoft Mentors to become MuleSoft Ambassadors in 2024. This program helps build long-lasting relationships and prepares our community for the next major milestone in their personal and professional career.

We also witnessed many MuleSoft Mentors mentoring beginners on MuleSoft and helping them achieve new certifications. Our community leaders enabled hundreds of new Muleys to become MuleSoft Certified integration and automation specialists. Get started on your MuleSoft Mentor journey today!

Women Who Mule Reached New Heights

Women Who Mule is a group of amazing women and their allies who strive to support other women in the MuleSoft and broader technology community. Our Women Who Mule leaders and advocates challenged themselves in 2023 to reach new heights. As such, we wanted to highlight three of their huge achievements. 

Women Who Mule led a cross-community panel at TDX23

Women Who Mule founder Nisha Sharma gathered female leaders from the Trailblazer, Slack, and DataFam communities to share their similar challenges, advice for others, and motivations for striving to reach new heights in their careers. These amazing women all hold VP/C-level positions with amazing journeys.

Women Who Mule

Jennifer Cole was the first Muley featured in a Trailblazer Film

Trailblazing in and outside of her role as a Muley, Ambassador Jennifer Cole was our very first Muley to be featured in a coveted Trailblazer film! Follow along as this film takes us through a day in the life of Jen, who paved her own path and is continuing to drive automation, impact, and change at her company – all while empowering fellow MuleSoft Automation enthusiasts and Salesforce admins through her work in the Community. 

Women Who Mule shone on stage at Dreamforce 2023

Four amazing women in our community shared their experiences during a panel at Dreamforce 2023. Featuring skill sets ranging from a developer to a product manager, each of our four MuleSoft Community members had unique tips and tricks to inspire other women nervous about entering a more technical role.

Women Who Mule

Muleys rocked it on Twitch

The MuleSoft Community Twitch channel was more active than ever. We hosted 15+ special guests, streamed 81 different lives, and viewers watched over 360 hours of our content! What’s more, our MuleSoft Developer Advocate Alex Martinez is always looking for new guests. Find our previous streams on YouTube

Join us for another epic year

There are many ways you can get involved in the MuleSoft Community and become a Muley! The easiest way to get started is to complete our MuleSoft Community Quick Look Trail. This trail includes all of the resources you’ll need to successfully become a Muley. 

MuleSoft Meetups

Join one of our 140+ Meetup groups that host weekly virtual, in-person, and hybrid events for beginners to advanced Muleys. MuleSoft Meetups are 100% community led, meaning you’ll hear from real users just like you. We’re always looking for new Muleys to share their expertise in a local or online group, so apply to be a speaker today.