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Four hundred ninety-five. Can you guess what we’re talking about? The MuleSoft Community hosted 495 Meetups in 2021! This year, the MuleSoft Community demonstrated their commitment, passion, and expertise like never before to enable others in their own MuleSoft journey: from introducing the new MuleSoft Mentors program to creating specialized Meetup groups, our community continues to expand and evolve. As we step into 2022, we want to take a moment to recognize all of the amazing work of the MuleSoft Community as well as highlights from our favorite events throughout 2021. 

Top 5 MuleSoft Community moments from 2021

1. MuleSoft Community Leader Summit

We held our first-ever MuleSoft Community Leader Summit in April 2021 to celebrate and inform our MuleSoft Community Leaders. These individuals are Meetup Leaders, Mentors, and Ambassadors who dedicate their time to teaching our community through events, mentorship, and training. During this event, we also provided sneak peeks into the future of MuleSoft and our community programs. If you are interested in attending in 2022, be sure to apply to become a MuleSoft Community Leader!

We connected with our MuleSoft Community Leaders at the MuleSoft Community Leader Summit.

2. MuleSoft PKO

Our Online English Meetup Group held two amazing events as part of MuleSoft PKO (Partner Kick-Off) featuring technical talks by MuleSoft Mentors and Ambassadors from Accenture, ThirdEye Consulting, and Datacom. Check out the recordings from the AMER and APAC sessions.

At MuleSoft PKO, we connected with Mentors and Ambassadors from around the globe.

3. MuleSoft CONNECT 2021

MuleSoft CONNECT is one of our favorite times of year to showcase the amazing work of MuleSoft Community members. In 2021, we held three Meetups in AMER, EMEA, and APAC. Topics ranged from creating custom Workday APIs to evented-API frameworks and building connected ecosystems. Check out the MuleSoft CONNECT on-demand!

4. MuleSoft Hackathon 2021

This year we had incredible submissions focused on creating innovative applications related to the Finance, Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail, and Communication industries. Check out all of the MuleSoft Hackathon top projects.


Lastly, our MuleSoft Community participated in the first MuleSoft TRANSFORM event. This event provided exciting product updates and allowed our community members to ask questions of MuleSoft product experts as well as network with like-minded integration practitioners. In case you missed it, you can still catch MuleSoft TRANSFORM on-demand. 

MuleSoft Meetup highlights 

Industry and interest-based groups

This year we welcomed a variety of Industry and Interest groups to network and focus in learning in these fields, make sure to join the chapter and see what next: 

latest report
Learn why we are the Leaders in API management and iPaaS

Best Meetup feedback

Here is what the MuleSoft Community had to say about some of our 2021 MuleSoft Meetups:

  • “The presentation clearly explained the concept of integration, established the great demand for integration in today’s consumer market and business needs, and introduced MuleSoft as a solid solution that is essential for success in meeting demand. The reasons for choosing MuleSoft as a product and career were addressed and I also enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere.” Engineering Student Group
  • “It was good, insightful. New things to learn. Melbourne Meetups are always cheerful. Gave an overview of new things to come, liked how the demos went quickly and to the point. Overall satisfied.” Melbourne Group
  • “Entertaining, informative, and emotional! The speaker has some of the best stories in tech I have heard.” Women Who Mule
  • “From the sponsor presentations through to the trivia game, the content of the presentations was thorough, easy to understand, and left the audience with a feeling that MuleSoft and the MuleSoft Community are strong, organized, and committed to excellence.” Oklahoma City Group

Global Summits in LATAM and EMEA

MuleSoft Meetups are truly a global affair. We have over 150 Meetup groups located around the world with over 320 amazing volunteers who make these events possible. Each month our community hosted over 40 Meetups featuring a wide variety of technical content. If you are not currently a member of the MuleSoft Meetup program, make it one of your 2022 resolutions and join today!

Additionally, our global Meetup leaders also participated in the LATAM and EMEA Summits 2021.

LATAM Summit 2021

The Sao Paulo Meetup presented “Introduction to GraphQL using Anypoint DataGraph” as part of the LATAM Summit. One attendee said, “I liked the good and detailed explanation of Guilherme about the topic. Even I, someone who has never used an API manager, was able to understand the application of this policy.”

EMEA Summit 2021

In the EMEA region, the Milano Meetup group presented “Training and Certification,” the Paris Meetup group presented “How Eutelsat accelerated its speed of delivery of new services,” and the Munich Meetup group shared “How MuleSoft thrives in Energy & Utilities Industry.” 

Hundreds of Community members joined our LATAM and EMEA Summit Meetups!

An abundance of content

In addition to hundreds of MuleSoft Meetups, the MuleSoft Community created high quality blogs, YouTube tutorials, and social groups. These materials encouraged developers and architects to start their MuleSoft journeys, skill up, and create content of their own. Each quarter we featured the best of the best community-contributed content. Find all of the best content below:

New MuleSoft Community program: MuleSoft Mentors

In 2021, we launched our new MuleSoft Mentors program!

2021 was also exciting because we introduced a brand new MuleSoft Community program: the MuleSoft Mentors! This program recognizes MuleSoft Community members who create high-quality blogs, videos, social channels, Meetups, and more with the purpose of mentoring others through their MuleSoft journeys. With over 200 MuleSoft Mentors located around the world, the community is ready to help. If you are interested in becoming a leading MuleSoft Community member, apply to become a MuleSoft Mentor today.

LinkedIn connections

Lastly, our favorite new addition to the MuleSoft Community in 2021 was the introduction of our new MuleSoft Community LinkedIn page. This is the best place to stay up to date on all things MuleSoft Community, make new connections, and be a part of one of the largest integration communities in the world. Our group is open to all and has shifted to include business user-focused content with the introduction of MuleSoft Composer.

Thank you to our MuleSoft Community for a great year!

We want to say thank you again to the MuleSoft Community for making 2021 another fantastic year. In 2022, we are excited to introduce even more programs, host Meetups in even more cities, and see you all at future MuleSoft events. In the meantime, you can check out how to participate in the MuleSoft Community.