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We’re excited to announce the next generation of MuleSoft Catalyst, making it easier for both the business and IT to adopt an API-led connectivity approach.

As businesses conducting digital transformation know, success requires more than implementing new technology; the right operating model, organizational structure, and approach to execution are also critical.

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To address this, we developed MuleSoft Catalyst, our unique delivery methodology and set of packaged offerings, including customer success programs, training, best practices, assets, and accelerators, designed to help you achieve your business objectives.

What does MuleSoft Catalyst deliver?

Rooted in our work with over 1,600 global teams and refined over the past decade, MuleSoft Catalyst is based on three core pillars:

  • Business outcomes: Define KPIs with stakeholder alignment.
  • Organizational enablement: Ensure organizational readiness with Anypoint Platform.
  • Technology delivery: Enable team readiness to build APIs and integrations.

Within each pillar are paths to follow, each codified into rich playbooks with step-by-step guides containing field-tested best practices to accelerate customer success. Accompanying these are playbooks, documents, diagrams, templates, and code assets that drive customers toward successful outcomes.

MuleSoft Catalyst has enabled our customers across every industry to strengthen their integration practices, accelerate time-to-value, and deliver future-proof architectures that support their long-term business outcomes.

What’s new with this release?

We’re excited to announce the next generation of MuleSoft Catalyst – combining the new Catalyst Knowledge Hub and the power of the Salesforce Trailhead guided learning platform – to make it easier for both the business and IT to adopt an API-led connectivity approach.

Key components and organizational capabilities of MuleSoft Catalyst include:

  • Catalyst Knowledge Hub: a new online portal where partners can access proven best practices, playbooks, and blueprints to deliver on business outcomes.
  • Catalyst Mobilize: a set of programs delivered by customer success and industry experts that provide a guided approach from planning API programs and establishing a foundation for a digital business to building a digital platform and measuring the value of integration and APIs.
  • Catalyst Accelerators: a set of pre-built API designs and implementations, integration templates, examples, and more, for the most common use cases across the banking, retail, and healthcare industries.

To learn more, visit our MuleSoft Catalyst page. You can also take the “Deliver IT Success with MuleSoft Catalyst” Trailhead trail here.