11 best practices for designing a data-driven organization

In part one of this post, we broke down the decision-making process for running a data-driven organization in an attempt to understand how KPIs can be weaponized in the wrong hands. Once the fundamental forces of how data influences perception are understood, the next step is to understand how these forces can shape the decision-making process in your organization to act as friction-reducing agents that can propel your organization into next-level decision making speed.

Why all API consumer journeys need a map

In the previous blog entry, I described two specific design artifacts (user types and personas) that can be used to inform an intentional API consumer experience. In this entry, we’ll go one step further into the API ecosystem and map out how the consuming developers (i.e., the direct users of the API) work with other user types to achieve their goals. Understanding how all the players come together to support your API consumers is fundamental to developing the right API product as well as the right set of services and support offerings to make your users successful.

3 tips for driving API consumption: APIs Unplugged

In this episode, Mike and Matt are joined by special guest Stephen Fishman, Regional Vice President of Customer Success Architecture at MuleSoft and longtime API product expert. Stephen shares insights on product-oriented approaches to API design, development, and lifecycle management. Topics range from API discoverability to launch strategies to a relentless focus on API consumers. Have a listen here:

API Best Practices: API Management (Part 6)

February 5 2015


This is part five of the API design best practices series.  

Design is Important,

API Best Practices: Response Handling (Part 5)

January 30 2015


This is part five of the API design best practices series.  

Provide Helpful Responses

Building a solid foundation to ensure the scalability and longevity of your API is crucial,

API Best Practices: Hypermedia (4.3)

January 15 2015


This is part four, sub-series 3, of the API design best practices series. Jump to sub-series 1 of the hypermedia sub-series.

A Road Trip

First off, let me apologize for the delay in this third part of the hypermedia sub-series.

API Best Practices: Spec Driven Development (Part 2)

November 20 2014


This is part two of the API design best practices series.

Define Your API in a Flexible, but Standard Spec

I cannot stress the importance of spec driven development enough.  One of the quickest ways to kill your API is to define the API in your code, instead of coding to its definition.

New Series: API Design Best Practices

November 6 2014


By now, you’ve probably already seen the image of the iceberg cross section showing just how many APIs are available out in the world. With over 13,000 public APIs available for use across the web, and hundreds of thousands more being used privately and in-house, the possibilities are endless.

The demand for flexibility and extensibility has driven the development of APIs and tools alike,