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As a new host of CIOs Unfiltered, I had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Stone, former CIO of two of the largest retailers in the United States — L Brands and Lowe’s. In our discussion, we unpacked how organizations can take advantage of data and analytics to become a resilient enterprise. We also dove deep into architecture, as a data strategy without an underlying integration strategy, according to Steve, is “like a racecar without a fuel intake system.” Join us as we discuss:

  • What it means to have a data strategy and why it’s so important for CIOs today.
  • How to establish a scalable architecture and integration framework in order to keep pace with the growing amount of internal and external data that’s available.
  • Why underpinning your supply chain strategy with analytics is critical in order to predict change before it happens, and respond effectively.


Steve Stone

Former CIO, L Brands and Lowe’s


Adam Ward

CIOs Unfiltered, MuleSoft

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