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When you think of Artificial Intelligence, you may think of futuristic self-driving cars, advanced chat bots, or conversations with Alexa. However, you may not be considering this: how AI can support the needs of your business today through initiatives like automation, decision-support, and data analytics. In this episode of CIOs Unfiltered, I am joined by Andrew Beers, CTO of Tableau, to break down how organizations can effectively leverage data to create trusted AI experiences that meet the needs of your people, processes, and technology as they exist today in order to accelerate innovation. Tune is as we discuss: 

  • Getting started with AI by leveraging the infrastructure and data you already have in place.
  • How to establish an enterprise-wide culture of trust around machine learning, data analytics, and AI.
  • Why it is important to take a people-centric approach to AI, and how technology leaders can promote data literacy within their organizations.


Andrew Beers

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Chief Technology Officer, Tableau


Adam Ward

CIOs Unfiltered, MuleSoft

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