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MMC Customer stories series: SNMP alerts



We are evaluating using Nagios or a similar Big Brother Enterprise solution for displaying information about our many Enterprise Mule¬†instances, applications and the status of our production and staging¬†environments. The only sure thing is that we presented a budget for buying a couple of 55” monitors and were approved. Pure awesomeness!

First solution: Do it yourself

This is complicated. We would have to hire a Java programmer to develop an agent to gather statistics from servers distributed in different geographical zones. Pretty heavy stuff. The project would take a while to complete. And once that is done, we would have to start worrying about upgrades, deployment of the agent, and paperwork. We are using a waterfall cycle. You know the pain.

Setting up the problem

Here is a simple scenario:

1. Go to Google
2. Provide a search string
3. Search the web
4. Make sure that some results are returned

In order to automate it, use your favorite test recording tool. Did you say Selenium IDE? Sure, Why not, but there are other tools, even those solely based on Javascript.

The previous scenario was implemented using Selenium IDE. Below you can see the resulting generated Java code (JUnit4):