APIs to get you through Christmas

December 21 2012


Here at APIhub, we are getting ready for the holidays, and we thought we would share some APIs you may find useful as you go into your own holiday celebration.

1. Gifts: Here are some places to find great gift ideas.  And if you hadn’t already thought about buying gifts this holiday season, we threw in another API that we think will be helpful.

2.  Bills: The dreaded downside of the holiday season – the bill.  Look at it this way: If you don’t pay them, you might actually have to start paying attention to those Free Credit Score ads.  And no one wants that.

3. Calendar: You know those times where people ask you to do you something and you’re like “Cool, yeah, I’ll remember to do that”?  No you won’t.

4. Travel: AAA predicts that over 93 million Americans will travel over 50 miles this holiday season.  Avoid going full John Candy and Steve Martin in ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’ and use one of these APIs.

5. Weather: If you are traveling, there is a good chance the weather is going to have an impact on that travel.  The Denver area just got around a foot of snow.  That will raise similar panic and distress as a single snowflake in South Carolina.  Just do yourself a favor and use this API to check the weather before you head out.

6. Directions:
Scene: Every married couples’ car, circa 1998.Husband: I think this is our turn.
Wife: Why don’t you just ask?
Husband: No, I’m good.  This is it.
[six hours later]
Wife: Hello, fill up at pump 4.  Also, how do you get to Nowheresville Impossible-to-Find Lane?
Gas Station Attendant: Take a right, go a mile, and its on your right.

For the love of everything sacred, use a mapping API.

7. Drinking: If we need to explain why this API is a critical part of spending time with the family on holidays, you are the holiday 1%.     

8. Photos: This may be your only chance to see all of these family and friends all year.  Plus, there will be food.  You are going to be taking pictures.

9.  Social Media: And once you have those pictures, where are they going to go?  Of course you need to share them with everyone.  And if it comes with a 140 character or less burb, share that too #family #happyholidays #weirduncle #racecarbedfromwhenIwas6

10. Sharing: Everyone has that one friend or family member.  You know, the one with all of the Area 51 books who thinks the Matrix was for real?  You know they don’t have social media.  Here are some other options to share with them.

11. Health: We hate to do this, we really do.  But you know its coming.  A stick of butter is not part of a balanced meal.  We are here to help.  And who are we kidding, we will be using these APIs too.

12.  Sleep: How have you been sleeping?  Terribly?  Same.  Well, try this API, which will tell you all about your sleeping patterns, REM sleep, and…getting tired? You’re welcome. (device needed)

Happy Holidays from the team at APIhub!