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If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you likely have seen posts about the value of integration and the powerful business outcomes that are driven with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. 

Forrester has released findings for its Total Economic Impact (TEI) study which shows that a composite organization using Anypoint Platform got back $5.45 in return for every $1 spent with MuleSoft over just three years!  

What’s in the ROI

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Forrester’s report shows that a composite organization experienced $7.8 million in benefits from the Anypoint Platform over a three year period. The composite organization is representative of four companies that Forrester interviewed and is used to present the aggregate financial analysis. 

In its interviews, Forrester found that the value of API-led integration with Anypoint Platform comes from multiple sources, including improved developer productivity, increased project throughput, reduced operations and maintenance costs, and increased revenue. 

One highlight from Forrester’s report shows that MuleSoft customers gain significant benefits from the ability to reuse APIs on Anypoint Platform. Interviewees claimed that the reusability of their APIs significantly impacted their developers’ productivity, quadrupling the number of projects their teams could work on over the course of three years. 

Other benefits highlighted in Forrester’s report include: 

  • $4.2 million increase in API reuse value through Anypoint Platform, which includes increased reuse rate and time savings from project efficiencies.
  • More than $1 million in time savings toward building new APIs.
  • At least $740,000 incremental revenue from the platform’s contributions to various top-line projects.
  • 90% less time spent on maintaining APIs and integrations, allowing time to be reinvested in innovation.

What MuleSoft customers say

Many of MuleSoft’s customers considered other solutions for API development, management, and integration before deciding to invest in Anypoint Platform. As Forrester highlights, Anypoint Platform is often the technology of choice as organizations don’t want to leverage multiple integration tools when MuleSoft can do it all in one platform solution – in essence, organizations don’t want to “integrate their integration tools.” 

Forrester highlights that Anypoint Platform delivers both full lifecycle API management and integration platform as a service (iPaaS) on a single runtime, allowing customers to consolidate the number of integration technologies and applications used. Because of this, the customers interviewed saved more than $1.6 million from reduced maintenance of APIs, integrations, and retired technologies.

A Director of Enterprise Application Integration Services at a healthcare company commented on Anypoint Platform’s single view of all APIs and integrations: 

“Our ability to proactively monitor APIs reused across projects with Anypoint Platform’s alerting capabilities has led to a 30% reduction in issues related to integrations and API usage. That’s significant for us as we have a relatively small-sized team and we need to stay efficient.”

And according to the Vice President and Director of Architecture and Strategy at a financial services business: 

“What puts Anypoint Platform at the top is that it has API development features built on an integration platform, so it’s not just pure API management. We build a lot of applications to meet client needs and it helps that we can build APIs and conduct integrations in a scalable way, but we don’t have to rewrite customized code or take more development hours because of its ease of integration.”

Integration for transformation

MuleSoft’s advanced technology and methodology enables organizations across the globe to accelerate their digital transformations and realize significant top- and bottom-line impact as a result. MuleSoft’s customers deliver modern experiences and empower employees across organizations to innovate better and faster than they ever have before. 

MuleSoft CEO, Simon Parmett, says: “In our view, Forrester’s study underscores how MuleSoft is uniquely positioned as the engine for digital transformation, combining API and integration capabilities in one platform to fundamentally accelerate the clock speed of business. With the #1 integration and API platform, companies can leverage their existing infrastructure investments and take advantage of new technologies to meet changing customer demands.”

To hear from the experts themselves download your complimentary copy of Forrester’s TEI report