Top 10 Groundhog Day APIs


Groundhog Day is the annual holiday where the nation gathers around their TV to watch a hilarious Bill Murray film.  And while I have confirmed this is not the actual reason for the holiday, I submit that it should be.  As that legislation gains traction, here are some APIs for Groundhog Day as it is celebrated currently.

  1. Shadowbox API  Groundhog Day is a holiday to determine whether spring is on the way, or if winter weather will persist for another 6 weeks.  It is determined by a groundhog – Punxsutawney Phil – coming out of his burrow and, if he sees his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter.  We figured it best, therefore, to start with a shadow API.
  2. MyW2 Weather API  The weather is basically the determining factor of this entire celebration.  You can use this if the anticipation becomes too great and you want to check the odds.

Also note that some statistics state that the groundhog is accurate 39% of the time.  So, you can also use this API after the prediction since there’s a solid chance it is wrong.

  1. Moviepilot API  This is just an API where you can rate movies and get recommendations.  Doesn’t have much to do with this holiday, other than that we are now thinking about Groundhog Day, and want to watch Bill Murray movies.
  2. DCC Animal Webservice API  If you are like us, you have no idea the difference between a groundhog, woodchuck, beaver, and others just by looking at them.  This API will help.  We can spoil one thing: Groundhog and woodchuck are the same thing.

Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, a groundhog can be referred to as a woodchuck or a whistlepig.  And from this moment forth, whistlepig shall be a part of my future blogs posts, and speech in general.

  1. FilesAnywhere API  In case that whistlepig does not see his shadow on February 2, and we are in for another 6 weeks of winter, this API will help you access your files from anywhere, which may help you work from home.
  2. BeachGuard Advisories/Closings API  If our little friend does not see his shadow, we have an early spring.  Start making your plans to head to the beach.  I’m already wearing my bathing suit.
  3. Civicboom API  The biggest celebration of Groundhog Day is in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.  The population of Punxsutawney is 5,935 as of 2011.   On Groundhog Day, it can get up to 40,000.  So, here is a crowdsourcing API that enables companies to get news from an audience.
  4. Eligible API v1  Insurance API.  Why?
  5. Abundant Technologies AtomicClock API  Punxsutawney Phil usually comes out between 7:20 and 7:30am EST.  This will help you get the time exactly right, based on Greenwich Mean Time.  We are using a member of the squirrel family to predict the future here people.  Yes, it has to be exact.
  6. Netflix REST API  Seriously, just go and rent Groundhog Day.