Top 10 New Year’s Resolution APIs


The New Year is a chance for people to make a commitment – a resolution – for their year ahead.  APIhub is here to help with our Top 10 New Year’s Resolution APIs, you can click on each API link for more information.

1. Lose Weight.  This is the clear-cut favorite for top resolution.  Well…maybe not clear-cut – clear, slightly flabby favorite.

2. Improved organization.  Are you looking at your computer monitor through a small window not covered by sticky notes?  Is your desk covered in them?  Even if it isn’t (impressive), you could probably use a bit more organization in your life.

3. Save.  Ugh.  You know, I actually have the intention to save.  And then I see a link to the bear coat from Workaholics, and bye-bye $200 destined for my savings account.

4. Enjoy life.  This is pretty subjective.  So we are going to give you a glimpse into a couple of things we wish we were doing, rather than writing this article.

5. Get fit.  You might be fit looking.  But then you decide to go for a little run, and about .4 miles later you realize that your lungs feel like burning and your legs are so tired your walk home makes you look like a new-born deer.

6. Quit Smoking. Hey, everyone needs a vice.  This seems to be the one most people are trying to quit.  We’re not going to give you health tips; if you don’t know cigarettes are bad for you, we envy your sheltered lifestyle, even with the smoking habit.  Here are some things that will be helpful in your endeavor.

7. Learn Something New.  This is an admirable goal.  And hey, if you don’t actually go out and learn something new, you can at least say that you learned about these APIs.     

8. Help others.  Helping others is great.  Not telling everyone about it is even better.  Here are a few APIs that no one would ever guess are charitable.   

9. Fall in Love.  We’ll give you some APIs if you invite us to the wedding.   Ahh, we’ll give them to you anyway, you beauty.  [Please don’t ask us out].

10. Spend Time with Family.  If we need to explain the importance of this, it has probably been a long time since you’ve done this, and you should probably have this at number 1.  Here some APIs to help make this happen any way you can.