Top 10 Presidents’ Day APIs


The President of the United States is the most powerful person in the world.  On February 18, we get to celebrate some of the great ones by not going to work (for some people at least).  In honor of some of those great men, APIhub offers up our top 10 Presidents’ Day APIs.

  1. Digital Government API  Under President Obama, the US government has begun to look at and adopt cloud computing and cloud technology.  This API is meant to keep the government on the cutting edge of the digital information age, giving those who integrate with the API access to things like census and employment data, fact sheets, and press releases.  
  1. Library of Congress PPOC API  The Library of Congress Print & Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC) is a great place to learn more about our Presidents and the rich history of this country.  Integrating with this library’s of data is a great place anything and everything print and photo.  Or…
  1. Moviepilot API  All the good Presidents get movies made about them.  Just this year ‘Lincoln’ is likely to pull every Academy Award.  I mean, who didn’t see that coming when they heard there would be a movie about Lincoln starring Daniel Day Lewis?  The man could read a terms and agreements page and have me on the edge of my seat.  Or you could watch President Lincoln slay vampires.  ‘Murica!  This API is a great way to integrate with the site’s movie database and news.
  1. TripAuthority API  For those of you who have the day off, a long weekend trip can be a nice break.  And if you are on the snowy coast, a very necessary break.  This API will help you integrate with the site’s hotel availability, rate details, bookings, and cancellations.
  1. Beat the Traffic API  If you are going on a trip, you better check the traffic.  Actually, if you are doing anything beyond staying home, you be best served checking the traffic.  this API lets you integrate with their real-time traffic information for over 130 metropolitan areas.
  1. IsItBirthday API  Presidents’ Day is an amalgamation of Lincoln’s birthday, Washington’s birthday, and a celebration of all of the nation’s Presidents.  Lincoln was actually born on February 12, Washington on February 22.  They will need this API to be sure they still get the heartfelt “Happy Birthday!” posts on their Facebook wall, as integrating with it provides birthday information of whomever you wish through an RSS feed or via JSON.
  1. Time And Date Holiday API  If you are like us, you never remember the dates of these random holidays like Presidents’ Day.  When’s Memorial Day this year?  End of May is not a date.  Integrating with this API will help you actually know, and react to, the date.
  1. Popular Activity Search API  Regardless of whether you have the day off or not, children do.  Here is an API to help find some fun things for them to do.  Integrating with this API will provide popular activities based on a region.
  1. Untappd API  There is nothing like a 3-day weekend to give you permission to have a unyielding hangover on Monday morning.  And just how will get ensure that you get said hangover?  We’ve got you covered.  Integration with this API gives you access to brewery information and their beer selection, as well as reviews.
  1. FreedomSpeaks API  Finally, when we think about the US and its Presidents, it is hard not to think about the enduring legacy of this nation: Freedom.  Integrating with this API provides contact/profile information for over 40,000 federal, state, county and city politicians.