Top 10 Weird APIs


APIhub is the world’s largest repository of APIs and, as such, we list some quite strange APIs. Rather than have you spend all of your time looking them up, we are offering the public service of listing our favorites here.

  1. The Internet Chuck Norris Database.  Our favorite Chuck Norris fact: There used to be a street named Chuck Norris, but it was changed because no one crosses Chuck Norris and lives.
  1. Looking for that perfect facial expression meme, and just don’t have the API to help you?  Of course APIhub has you covered.
  1. Fake Call.  Have you ever been in a conversation you wanted to get out of, and did not have a couth way of doing it?  That is what this API does.  It just calls your phone.  Should this be in weird APIs?  Maybe we need to do a “Genius Ideas” article.
  1. Pirate Translation. Avast!  Ye will enjoy this, teachin’ you t’ talk like a pirate.
  1. Viralninjas.  We just like this name.  I will be dressing up as a ninja, having someone film my escapades with an iPhone, and posting it on YouTube.  That has got to be a best-case scenario for these guys. And me.
  1. Hugin Expert. This company offers ‘Advanced Decision Support’.  Best case scenario:  Expert-level hugs and Advanced (Hug) Decision Support.
  1. Cheezburger.  If your life is not consumed by Lolcats, you are doing the Internet wrong.
  1. emailonacid.  Email…on acid.  Sure, at first it is just email testing, and you tell all of your friends that you can stop anytime you want.  But then  it consumes you, and you find yourself in the dark corner of a room, dirty and unshaven, having cold sweats as you wonder when you will be able to send your next email.  It’s a slippery slope folks.
  1. My Little Pony.  There are two APIs for My Little Pony: 1) API.  2) Derpibooru.  I am taking all of my money and investing in My Little Pony.  Take that, fiscal cliff.
  1. Long “R” Us.  Sick of how little typing you need to do these days, what with all of the URL shorteners these days?  How about a URL lengthener?  Visit our website to check it out, as well as other fantastic API selections: