Why APIs are Not Like EDI, UML, and Other IT Fads

August 14 2017

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why apis matter

Today, APIs are an important part of how organizations conduct business––from internal APIs that streamline business processes to public APIs that generate revenue for organizations. The rising value of APIs raises the question: are APIs just another technology fad, shining brightly now, but soon to fade out of the spotlight?

Technically speaking, APIs have been around probably as long as software, but I think the real question is whether web APIs – practically-RESTful ones – will be the focus of attention for longer than other bright shiny objects, such as EDI, lean manufacturing, BPR, or ERP.

Top 5 Benefits of API-led Connectivity

July 20 2017

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api-led connectivity

API-led connectivity is a holistic way to connect data to applications through reusable, built-for-purpose APIs. Unlike point-to-point approaches to integration, API-led connectivity is premised on the discoverability, self-service, and reuse of well-designed, well-managed APIs.

Businesses in every industry have received numerous benefits to adopting an API-led approach to connectivity, rather than the usual point-to-point approach. Here are the top five benefits to adopting API-led connectivity:

Digital Transformation and the API Management Trap – Observations from Early Adopters

January 25 2017

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digital transformation

Digital transformation seems to be focused on creating new digital capabilities, such as being able to accommodate social, mobile, analytics and cloud, but digital transformation isn’t just about creating the new, but also about utilizing the old. A large number of organizations undergoing digital transformation have been in business for many years and have dozens of legacy applications.  These applications have an unprecedented amount of data locked inside them. This data has huge value to accelerate digital transformation, if only it could be easily used in new contexts.

Application networks are the answer to digital transformation challenges

November 14 2016

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geometric connections

A recent survey conducted by MuleSoft of 800 IT professionals found that 66 percent feel they are under “drastic” pressure to deliver technology projects across their organisation. A similar number say change has to occur in order to meet business demands.

This is particularly true for larger organisations that use and deploy complex technology in traditional ways and cannot respond quickly to change.

What is the API economy?

November 8 2016

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What is the API economy? We believe that the API economy is one of the most profound occurrences to affect global business today. It is transforming every company and every industry — no matter how big your company is, no matter how established your industry is, no matter what kind of competitors you have. The API economy is the sum total of all the data transactions that are enabled by APIs.

MuleSoft Recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s 2016 Full Lifecycle API Management Magic Quadrant

October 31 2016

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We are pleased to be recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Full Lifecycle API Management.

Full lifecycle API management covers the planning, design, implementation, publication, operation, consumption, maintenance, and retirement of APIs and services. Enterprise API management needs to comprehensively cover all stages in an API’s lifecycle, as different strategies and best practices are required for each.

Out of the Weeds and into Product: APIs and the Future of Data Science

August 25 2016

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Today’s post is from Sean McClureSean is the Director of Data Science at Space-Time Insight, a leading provider of advanced analytics software for organizations looking to leverage machine learning for their business applications. Having worked across diverse industries, and alongside many talented professionals, Sean has seen the blend of approaches required to convert raw data successfully into real world value. Sean’s passion is working with cross-discipline teams to build the next generation of adaptive, data-driven applications.

How much is an API worth?

August 10 2016

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How much is api worth

Last updated August 8, 2016 Have you been wondering how much an API would cost if you put a dollar figure on it? That’s been an important question especially for investors since many startups now offer APIs as their core product. We found an interesting way to calculate the value of an API, but by no means is it the end all be all equation.

APIs 101: the ultimate crash course

June 13 2016

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APIs are incredibly important to today’s business – you can’t think about digitally transforming your business without having a handle on your API strategy. But how do you begin developing your API strategy? How can you deploy APIs to best effect in your business? How do you decide which APIs to use or whether you should design your own? And once they’re designed and built, how do you manage them?

Why Oracle v Google is a pivotal moment for APIs

June 6 2016

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One of the longest and most contentious cases between two tech companies started in 2010 when Oracle sued Google for using 37 of its Java API packages without paying licensing fees. The case dealt with whether the creation of Google’s Android platform infringed on copyright laws by using some of Oracle’s Java APIs. Last month, the verdict was handed down that Google did not violate copyright laws and that use of Java APIs to build Android construed “fair use”.