Top 10 Super Bowl APIs (Infographic)

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Check out the APIhub pages, which include the API documentation, for the APIs listed here:

  1. Food2u API
  1. HootSuite What the Trend API
  1. Cheddar API
  1. HyperOffice API
  1. Songkick API
  1. Telligent Invitation API
  1. SportsData NFL API
  1. Community Ideas API
  1. XboxLeaders Xbox LIVE API
  1. Vimeo Simple API
  2. GenealogyCloud OneGreatFamily API

Top 10 Weird APIs


APIhub is the world’s largest repository of APIs and, as such, we list some quite strange APIs. Rather than have you spend all of your time looking them up, we are offering the public service of listing our favorites here.

  1. The Internet Chuck Norris Database.  Our favorite Chuck Norris fact: There used to be a street named Chuck Norris, but it was changed because no one crosses Chuck Norris and lives.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolution APIs


The New Year is a chance for people to make a commitment – a resolution – for their year ahead.  APIhub is here to help with our Top 10 New Year’s Resolution APIs, you can click on each API link for more information.

1. Lose Weight.  This is the clear-cut favorite for top resolution.  Well…maybe not clear-cut – clear, slightly flabby favorite.


APIs to get you through Christmas

December 21 2012


Here at APIhub, we are getting ready for the holidays, and we thought we would share some APIs you may find useful as you go into your own holiday celebration.

1. Gifts: Here are some places to find great gift ideas.  And if you hadn’t already thought about buying gifts this holiday season, we threw in another API that we think will be helpful.


Where’s your API?

December 19 2012

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It has been a week since we’ve launched APIhub, and we’ve seen phenomenal responses from the ecosystem. Whether it is publishers claiming APIs for themselves to manage, or developers testing the interactive consoles – we are thrilled that the community is sharing the same excitement as we are! It is also testament to the fact that awareness of APIs are a necessity in today’s way of doing business –