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Our Community continues to amaze us with their continued contributions, commitment to helping thousands of fellow MuleSoft users, and participation in MuleSoft Meetups and other events. This past quarter was extremely busy from hosting special Meetups during MuleSoft Partner Kickoff, introducing a new MuleSoft Ambassador/Ambassadress cohort, and more.

We have more exciting events coming in Q2, including MuleSoft CONNECT 2021! Be sure to register for your region and meet us at the MuleSoft CONNECT Community Meetups. There will be time for networking and Q&A following their presentations! Check out the agendas below:

  • AMER, May 18, 10:30am PDT: Kyle Usher, MuleSoft Mentor, Sr. Manager, Integration Architecture at Johnson Controls and Thiago Santos, Former MuleSoft Ambassador, Sr. Technical Architect at MuleSoft will present.
  • ANZ, May 19, 10:30am AEST: Varun Mukund, Integration Platform Administrator at Charles Darwin University will present.
  • EMEA, May 19, 10:30am BST: Gonçalo Revez, Sr. Integration Engineer, Rafael Mendoça, Integration Engineer both at MAN and Ujjval Tota, MuleSoft Mentor, Enterprise Architect at Reckitt, will present.
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Now let’s take a look at everything that happened last quarter! Earning a feature in our Community Roundup is a great accomplishment and means these Ambassadors, Mentors, and other Community contributors have helped our Community — whether by answering questions, providing tips and tricks, or mentoring other MuleSoft Developers and Architects. If you are interested in sharing your own blogs and videos, use #MuleSoftDeveloper on social media, post on @MuleSoftDevelopers, and submit your content!

Check out all of the top Q1 MuleSoft Community contributors below.:

Special shout outs

Introducing the new MuleSoft Ambassador/Ambassadress cohort a warm welcome to our 8 new MuleSoft Ambassadors joining our program bringing us to 28 Ambassadors and Ambassadresses in total. Meet our Ambassadors and learn how you can begin your own Ambassadorship journey!

MuleSoft Partner Kickoff Meetups

As part of MuleSoft PKO, our Online group held two special Meetups featuring technical presentations bt Adam Maguire Wilson, MuleSoft Mentor and CTO at ThirdEye Consulting, Brett Patterson, Application Development Associate Manager at Accenture, Eduardo Ponzoni, MuleSoft Ambassador and MuleSoft Practice Lead at Datacom, Maria Chinwala, Technology Architecture Sr. Manager at Accenture, Mary Joy Sabal, MuleSoft Ambassadress and Integration Technical Lead at Datacom, and Ryan Andal, MuleSoft Ambassador and Associate Manager at Capgemini. Watch the AMER/EMEA recording or the APAC recording of these sessions. 

MuleSoft blog features

This past quarter, our MuleSoft Community contributed tons of content to the MuleSoft blog! Topics range from joint MuleSoft/AWS use cases, importance of a C4E, various use cases from the community, and more:

Pros of the Quarter

Each quarter, we feature one to two MuleSoft-certified developers and/or architects who share their MuleSoft journey and offer tips for anyone looking to become MuleSoft Certified! This quarter we are featuring Tom Obermeyer, Director, Solutions Architect and MuleSoft Lead at CapTech. He shared his experience and advice for others looking to become MuleSoft certified after completing his MCD-Mule 4 Level 1 certification:

“I recently passed the MuleSoft Certified Developer — Level 1 (Mule 4) certification. For those of you starting your journey, I am happy to share my experience and insights. 

Before you jump into the course, it is helpful to have a background in the tools and technology that the course expects the learner to understand. If you are a seasoned services developer, it is likely you are just about ready. For those newer to services development, take the time to understand the topics I include in my blog. Do not be intimidated as you can familiarize yourself with the basics and the course will provide the additional detail you need.

To really grasp the content, I found it helpful to use materials beyond the course to aid my learning. I made a compilation of module-specific additional resources you can use to do the same, all made available by MuleSoft.”

Read more of Tom’s story and check out his useful resources here! Congratulations again Tom on becoming MuleSoft Certified!

Community blogs of the quarter

Below are the best blogs from our MuleSoft Community that help other developers and architects solve integration problems or expand their MuleSoft skills.

How to choose your deployment environment by Akshata Sawant, MuleSoft Ambassadress and Associate Solution Architect at Apisero. In this blog, Akshata covers the different deployment environments offered by Anypoint Platform and how to select the right one for your needs.

How to integrate Salesforce Platform Event using MuleSoft Anypoint Studio by Amit Singh, Salesforce Architect at SFDC Panther. Follow along this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to integrate the Salesforce Platform Event using Anypoint Studio.

Daily Backups from Salesforce to Amazon S3 using Mule 4 by Edgar Moran, MuleSoft Ambassador and IT Apps Engineer at Twitter. Edgar demonstrates how to create a simple application using Mule 4 that retrieves dynamically all custom objects with all fields from a Salesforce instance and creates a daily file into Amazon S3. Check out more of Edgar’s work on his personal blog and ProstDev.

Creating a new Contact in Salesforce using RPA integrated with MuleSoft by Jelena Naumovska, Integration Developer at IWConnect. This blog discusses an innovative solution to remove barriers to digital transformation by using RPA integrated with MuleSoft to pull data into Salesforce. 

DataWeave 2.0: Nested data structure traversal and enrichment with state by Manik Magar, MuleSoft Ambassador and Architect at AVIO Consulting. In his latest blog, Manik deep dives into nested data structures and provides a solution to traverse and enrich it using DataWeave 2.0.

How to integrate Solace PubSub+ Cloud with MuleSoft by Pravallika Nagaraja, MuleSoft Mentor and Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Roche. Pravallika provides a how-to tutorial to help you integrate Solace PubSub+ Cloud with MuleSoft to publish and consume messages. More of her technical content can be found on ProstDev.

Correlating event-driven architecture and API-led connectivity by Sadik Ali, MuleSoft Mentor and Solution Architect at Kellton Tech Solutions. Learn tips for correlating event-driven architecture and API-led connectivity including how to similarly organize events in this blog by Sadik. More of his technical content can be found on DZone.

Invoking Salesforce Apex REST method from MuleSoft by Sarah Khalid, MuleSoft Mentor. Sarah teaches users how to invoke Salesforce Apex REST method from MuleSoft, specifically in this instance how to create account records in Salesforce based on the record type name being passed from the payload. Check out her blog.

REST API best practices by Tirthankar Kundu, Lead Software Engineer at Persistent Systems. This blog will teach you REST API best practices, including how to build a scalable, readable, and tidy architecture for future use. See more of Tirthankar’s technical pieces on The Bitmaskers website.

Calculate & validate Checksum in Mule 4 by Whitney Akinola, Software Engineering Associate Manager and MuleSoft Enablement Lead at Accenture. Whitney covers two Checksum operations in Mule 4’s Cryptography module and how to use them to validate the data integrity of your files. She shares more great how-tos on her blog.

Video tutorials of the quarter

These video tutorials were created by our MuleSoft Community members over the last quarter. They are easy to follow, range in difficulty level from beginner to advanced, and are another useful resource for our Community.

MuleSoft: A beginner’s guide by Akhila Vallala, Assistant System Engineer Trainee at Tata Consultancy Services. This is Akhila’s first YouTube video tutorial! She covers the basics of MuleSoft to help beginners decide which skill sets to tackle first.

Retrieving years, months, and days between two dates in DataWeave 2.0 by Alexandra Martinez, MuleSoft Ambassadress and Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Bits In Glass. Alexandra created a series called “Getting to the point!” on her ProstDev channel which explains important concepts in 30 seconds or less. This one shows you how to retrieve years, months, and days in DataWeave 2.0.

How to deploy a Mule application to CloudHub using Maven by Arul Alphonse, Sr. Integration Architect at Cognizant. Another great tutorial on his Tech Lightning channel, Arul demonstrates how to use Maven to deploy a Mule application to CloudHub.

MuleSoft and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery by David Diaz, MuleSoft Developer at Capgemini. Follow along a real use case integrating MuleSoft, GitHub, and Jenkins from CERO. This tutorial is in Spanish.

6-part series on Salesforce Composite Connector by Jitendra Bafna, MuleSoft Ambassador and Sr. Manager at Capgemini. This playlist features six videos to teach you about Salesforce Composite Connector including how and when to use it, example use cases, and more.

Monitor hybrid runtimes/servers in Mule 4 by Muhammad Aqib Memon, Sr. Software Engineer at Royal Cyber. Muhammad provides an excellent overview of how to monitor hybrid runtimes/serves in Mule 4 in this video.

API versioning on CloudHub by Patryk Bandurski, MuleSoft Ambassador and Integration Subject Matter Expert at PwC Poland. To complement his successful blog, Patryk has created a new YouTube channel offering video tutorials. His first video is a technical deep dive into API versioning on CloudHub.

DataWeave 2.0 for absolute beginners by Sravan Lingam, MuleSoft Ambassador and Sr. Integration Developer and Architect. If you are new to Anypoint Platform, Sravan’s video explaining DataWeave 2.0 is a must watch. He provides tips for familiarizing yourself with DataWeave, common uses, and basic how-tos.

Top social contributor:

Our MuleSoft Developer groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow our Community to stay updated, connected, and share their expertise with thousands of community members. This past quarter we had three outstanding social contributors:

  • Jim Andrews, MuleSoft Mentor and Principal at Slalom for promoting Meetups around the world and MuleSoft CONNECT, encouraging other Community members to share their own content, and keeping our LinkedIn groups active!
  • Manish Yadav, MuleSoft Ambassador and MuleSoft Integration Architect at Billennium for his Instagram page, answers technical questions on the LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and always brings smiles to people’s faces with his kind words.
  • Ravi Tamada, MuleSoft Mentor and Technical Architect/Manager at Capgemini for his creative social posts, and being one of the first in the Community to spread the word about new events, and answering others questions. 

Top helpers of the quarter:

The MuleSoft Forum is a resource for developers and architects with technical questions in need of help from the MuleSoft Community. These three contributors on the Help Center are being recognized for the quality of their answers and willingness to help other community members with their toughest MuleSoft questions on the Forum:

  • Nathan Lee, Principal Technical Instructor/Integration Architect at MuleSoft with 198 contributions
  • Jitendra Bafna, MuleSoft Ambassador and Sr. Manager at Capgemini, with 155 contributions
  • Scott Slibernick, Sr. Technical Instructor at MuleSoft with 121 contributions

And a special shout out goes to our moderators Shekh Muenedeen, Ryan Andal, and Manish Yadav, Ryan and Manish are both MuleSoft Ambassadors. These moderators keep the Forum running smoothly and are always ready to answer questions.

MuleSoft Meetups highlights:

We had another amazing quarter of MuleSoft Meetups! Here are a few highlights from all of the awesome virtual Meetup events this past quarter. 

  • 116 Meetups in Q1.
  • Welcomed 8 new groups and 43 new Leaders around the world.
  • Panel Meetups: EMEA and APAC, tested out new style and brought together Muleys, customers, partners, devs, and architects from different countries.
  • We had customers speaking in Meetups such as Sigma Healthcare, OneMain Financial, Saint-Gobain, Suncor, Twitter, HCF, and many more!
  • Thanks to the Women Who Mule Meetup group launching in Q1, we’ve found new mentors and encourage more women in tech and allies to share their knowledge!
  • We held our first MuleSoft Community Leader Summit exclusively available to Meetup Leaders, MuleSoft Mentors, and Ambassadors featuring insights into exciting community updates and panel discussions led by some of our top Community contributors.
  • Hot topics for Meetups included: DataWeave deep dives, the MuleSoft product Roadmap presented by Shaun Clowes, SVP Product at MuleSoft, Mule 4, and more.

Join one of our upcoming events, a local group, or our global Online Group to be notified of all upcoming events. We also feature upcoming Meetups each month in a blog!

As you can see, this last quarter was fueled with awesome Community contributions and initiatives to continue connecting and learning virtually! Next quarter, we are looking forward to even more contributions. Join our Developer Community to stay connected and continue learning.