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If you’re a seasoned MuleSoft developer or architect, then you’re already ahead of the curve. You probably have already taken our training, have basic-level certifications, you’re active in our community and even have your own squishy Mule.  If these apply to you, then you’re ready to take our highest level of certification.

Reasons to take the MCD – Integration Professional exam

  • Validate your knowledge and demonstrate the depth of your experience in MuleSoft solutions
  • Prove that you can assume technical leadership of a development project
  • Become a recognized subject matter expert and stand out from the rest
  • Show your commitment to learning and developing your career
  • Get access to exclusive benefits ( certificate and badge for your social profiles, a free pass to CONNECT—our annual conference, MuleSoft Certified t-shirt and more!) 

Learn from the experts

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Here are some tips from one of our own Integration Architect champions—Victor Romero—on how to prepare for the MCD – Integration Professional exam:

  • Gain experience, any kind. You don’t have to limit your practice to work-related projects. Get hands-on experience by working on your own projects, create use cases with internet services, or a hackathon project.
  • Don’t settle for just reading. It’s impossible to understand an integration between HTTP and JMS that includes DataWeave if you haven’t experimented with them first.
  • Get out there. Join the community, participate actively in the forum. Contributing to GitHub and the Champions Program are great ways to gain knowledge—plus you can win points when achieving challenges in the Champions Program.

Learn more about the MCD- Integration Professional certification and sign up to schedule your exam.