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This past quarter the MuleSoft Community hosted over 135 Meetups, introduced a brand new MuleSoft Mentor program, and welcomed many new contributors. In this post, we’ll be sharing the top contributors this quarter — with quite a few new faces!

Earning a feature in our Community Roundup is a great accomplishment and means these Ambassadors, Mentors, and other Community contributors have helped our Community. If you are interested in sharing your own blogs and videos, tag us on LinkedIn using @MuleSoftDevelopers, use #MulesoftDevelopers, or submit your content.

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Check out all of the top Q2 MuleSoft Community contributors below:

Special shout outs

Introducing the MuleSoft Mentors

Last quarter, we introduced a brand new MuleSoft Community program — MuleSoft Mentors. After our application period closed, we welcomed 136 new MuleSoft Mentors into our Community. Learn more about our MuleSoft Mentors and how you can become a Mentor yourself. We’d like to give a special shout out to our first 16 MuleSoft Mentors who helped us launch this program — learn more about them by reading their bios


We also ran our first hashtag competition where we asked community members to share their own #mymulesofttutorials on a topic of their choice. Check out the top five submissions below:

MuleSoft blog features

This past quarter, our MuleSoft Community contributed amazing content on career development and real use cases to the MuleSoft blog. Check them out below:

Pros of the quarter

Each quarter, we feature a few MuleSoft-certified developers and/or architects who share their MuleSoft journey and offer tips for anyone looking to become MuleSoft Certified.

Paola Alcantar Valdes, MuleSoft Mentor and Integration Engineer at OpenLogix 

“I started recently my journey with MuleSoft two years ago however, it didn’t take me long to realize the potential of this excellent integration platform and how incredibly 

agile and efficient it can provide solutions with MuleSoft.

Thanks to those factors, I prepared myself and became a certified engineer at MuleSoft, which undoubtedly offered me unique learning paths and IT opportunities. My goal is to continue preparing myself to encourage and support all those who want to join this incredible MuleSoft Community.”

Rolando Carrasco, CTO at Services & Processes Solutions

“I’ve worked in the API Management space since 2013, and with MuleSoft for the past four years. MuleSoft has been a top priority for my company and for our professional interests, that is why we have been very committed to achieve as many certifications as we can. Personally I have three MuleSoft certifications: MCD, MCIA, and MCPA.

My career has been impacted in so many ways because of those certifications. I have created more confidence with our customers, delivered training around MuleSoft technology, influenced my colleagues to continuously make an effort to achieve those certifications, and challenged myself to make a difference in my company and in our Latinamerican market.”

Tintu Jacob Shaji, MuleSoft Meetup Leader and IT Apps Engineer at Twitter

“It’s been a great experience working on MuleSoft for more than five years. I love how the platform has been constantly improving and exciting. I still remember using MuleSoft to digitalize the business processes. Being MuleSoft certified and attending certification courses has enabled me to leverage various ideas and perspectives which has further brought creativity and innovation to help solve my company’s unique business challenges.”

Community blogs of the quarter

Below are the best blogs from our MuleSoft Community that help other developers and architects solve integration problems or expand their MuleSoft skills:

Video tutorials of the quarter

These video tutorials were created by our MuleSoft Community members over the last quarter. They are easy to follow, range in difficulty level from beginner to advanced, and are another useful resource for our Community.

Top social contributor

Our MuleSoft Developer groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow our Community to stay updated, connected, and share their expertise with thousands of community members. 

Congrats to Gaurav Sethi, MuleSoft Mentor and Software Developer Sr. at CSG, Rajesh Kumar, MuleSoft Ambassador and Lead MuleSoft Architect at TCS,  and Ritika Sharma, Development Specialist at CSG for their Integration Assistance LinkedIn page. From posting useful “Tips of the day” to visual how-tos, their social presence educates the MuleSoft Community every day.

Top helpers of the quarter

The MuleSoft Forum is a resource for developers and architects with technical questions in need of help from the MuleSoft Community. These three contributors on the Help Center are being recognized for the quality of their answers and willingness to help other community members with their toughest MuleSoft questions on the Forum:

  • Aj de Guzman, Software Engineering Associate Manager at Accenture with 88 contributions
  • Scott Slibernick, Sr. Technical Instructor at MuleSoft with 40 contributions
  • Steve Billingsley, Enterprise Architect at ITA Group with 37 contributions

And a special shout out goes to our moderators Shekh Muenedeen, MuleSoft Mentor, Ryan Andal, MuleSoft Ambassador, and Manish Yadav, MuleSoft Ambassador. These moderators keep the Forum running smoothly and are always ready to answer questions.

MuleSoft Meetups highlights

This past quarter was a record setter in the MuleSoft Community! Each month, our Meetup Leaders hosted +45 Meetups with great success. More exciting highlights include:

  • +15 new city groups hosting their first Meetup with a high number of registration and attendance.
  • We featured MuleSoft Meetup Leaders sharing their individual development and how the Community has helped them. 
  • Launched a Java for MuleSoft Developers group, as an interest-based group, with their first event in July. 
  • Created Healthcare and Life Science and Finance Meetup groups. Both are planning their first event soon.

As you can see, this last quarter was fueled with awesome Community contributions and initiatives to continue connecting and learning virtually. Next quarter, we are looking forward to even more contributions. Join our Developer Community to stay connected and continue learning.