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At MuleSoft, culture drives our growth and success. It guides our relationship with customers, partners, employees, and our broader MuleSoft community. Joining the Salesforce Ohana has only strengthened the core values that MuleSoft teammates live by every day. The MuleSoft Owner’s Awards celebrates the best of this culture and recognizes individuals for their contribution.

The categories for awards include:

  • Culture Builder
  • Customer Advocate
  • Giving Back 
  • Team Player
  • X-Factor
  • Paving Roads
  • Sales Enabler
  • Manager 
MuleSoft Owner’s Award for Culture Builder
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The Owner’s Awards are special because every Muley gets the chance to nominate their colleagues, with strong encouragement given to nominate Muleys outside of their immediate team. The resulting nominations are then shortlisted to come up with the eventual winners, who are recognized and celebrated in front of all their peers. 

The Owner’s Awards highlight the amazing talent and efforts that Muleys take to doing their best work and making a positive contribution to everyone around them. Let’s explore what makes MuleSoft a truly great place to work. 

We care about our people

The #1 value we have is to care about our people and to enable them to do the best work of their lives. This means not only providing the resources to get the job done but creating an environment that makes this the most satisfying thing to do. Studies show that having high employee engagement can lead to 3x productivity, which permeates throughout the organization.

Salesforce consistently ranks amongst the best places to work around the globe, as surveyed by Great Place to Work. This is done by a combination of financial and non-financial benefits, such as the 56 hours of volunteering time-off (VTO) that every employee is given each year. This intentional focus on creating a desirable place to work is crucial in retaining and attracting the best talent in the market.

Owners Award being announced at MuleSoft’s theatre kickoff in Seattle, WA.
Image by Kyle Burke

“Do what it takes” 

One of the defining qualities of Muleys is that we are known for our do-what-it-takes mindset. We do this for our customers, our colleagues, and ourselves. This DWIT attitude shows through in having colleagues going beyond their duty to help you achieve an outcome or find some information. Each year, we come across numerous stories where Muleys have demonstrated the DWIT value in how they approach their work. Not every instance may get acknowledged but this outstanding commitment to DWIT is the reason that MuleSoft is the leader in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for both API Lifecycle Management and iPaaS

MuleSoft Owners Award at MuleSoft Kick-Off in Seattle
Image by Lou Dora

We are leaders

Leadership is not just a role confined to certain job titles at MuleSoft. Each of us is encouraged to lead in our own domain and most importantly, lead our customers through this complex environment of business and technology transformation. Muleys lead with the ideas they have to change how we operate and bring value to every interaction. As companies consider their journey to reopening in the new normal, Muleys are providing seamless services and support to navigate change. For example, Muleys are actively helping to lead the community with our Online Meetups, which have increased to a weekly frequency ever since in-person meetups have been restricted. This has allowed for a vibrant community of MuleSoft practitioners to continue their learning during this time. Most recently, we have also partnered closely with our healthcare customers to help them with their COVID-19 initiatives.  Having many leaders allows for each individual to strive for their passions and inspire others to do the same. 

These are just some of the elements of the MuleSoft culture that enable us to deliver customer outcomes. If you want to join us on the journey, please visit our careers page