Debugging Support: The Buenos Aires Team

March 23 2017

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BA support team

In traditional Support teams, a Support Engineer usually receives cases from the customer, tries to troubleshoot them and if they cannot solve the issues by themselves, they escalate it to the product team. At MuleSoft we decided to build the team in a completely different way —composed of professionals with backgrounds in software development, testing, and infrastructure.

“None of the members of Support had actually worked in a support role before MuleSoft.”

german y martin

Meet a Muley: Glenn Berry, Strategic Account Executive Helping Businesses Drive Digital Transformation

Meet a Muley Glenn Berry

Tell me about your role at MuleSoft.

I am a Strategic Account Executive at our San Francisco HQ, ultimately responsible for MuleSoft’s relationship with some of our strategic customers on the West Coast. Although I have a commercial focus, what motivates me every day is ensuring that my customers are wildly successful and, as a result, expand their relationship with us.

#nosmudamos — MuleSoft Buenos Aires moves to Puerto Madero

February 13 2017

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ba front officeJPG

For the last five years, our beloved Corrientes Avenue office was home to most of the projects that the company has seen, as our engineering hub is in Buenos Aires. As we’ve gained more customers and taken on bigger technical challenges, we need more people to help us build more innovative products and take on these challenges—time for a bigger space and a fresh new look. Hello, Puerto Madero!

mulesoft table

17 reasons to join MuleSoft in 2017

February 9 2017

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Since its beginning, MuleSoft has been a truly global company: Our founder started in England and traveled to Buenos Aires to build the first version of MuleSoft years ago, then a headquarters in San Francisco was founded, and today we have offices across five continents. We asked 17 Muleys across the world what their favorite thing is about working at MuleSoft so you can see what it’s like to be a Muley in your part of the world. Read their responses below, and check out our over 175 open positions to find where you can make the biggest impact.

Why I chose tech sales over investment banking

January 26 2017

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working in the office

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my frenzied winter break job application spree. It was frenzied because, as a history major who figured out she wanted to work in tech, I was clueless as to what jobs existed for non-engineers. Ultimately, I ended up applying to nearly 70 jobs and setting up chats with 20+ people in the industry–friends of friends, my academic advisor’s daughter, the guy I adopted my pet cockatiel from, literally anyone who would talk to me. It was not the most strategic method, but it succeeded; I’m at work right now, at MuleSoft, one of the very companies I applied to last year. Recently, my boss asked me how I found out about MuleSoft, and he laughed at the story–I Googled “medium sized tech companies in San Francisco” and found the job posting in a listicle that also included photos of hip office spaces with plants and exposed brick.

6 insights after 6 months with MuleSoft engineering

January 13 2017

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mulesoft engineering

Last year, I embarked on a new adventure with Mulesoft Engineering. It’s been over six months, and it’s been an incredible experience, and I’ve learned a lot. I wanted to share my six biggest insights into what it’s like working here.

What’s Mulesoft? We help businesses become more productive. We provide a platform that helps enterprises connect and orchestrate backend systems they build and/or use, which in turn saves time and money. I work on the Cloudhub Engineering team, and we are responsible for running the engine for deploying, running, and managing Mule applications in the cloud.

Meet a Muley: Zoe Nicholson, growing partnerships across Australia and New Zealand

December 5 2016

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Tell me about your role at MuleSoft.

I am the Channel Manager across all of Australia and New Zealand. I manage not only the large GSIs like Accenture and Deloitte but also the smaller, more boutique specialized partners. A channel manager covers all aspects of account development from business planning to marketing and enablement. We also act as the conduit between them and Mulesoft, making sure all levels and areas of the organizations are connected with their relevant counterparts.

3 Ways to Build Mentorship Into Your Company Culture

November 22 2016

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Nowadays, a good job isn’t a compelling enough offer for employees—they want to be challenged and to have ample growth opportunities. Many companies have realized the power of developing talent by building mentorship into their core values and employee programs. By helping employees grow into exceptional leaders, they stay engaged and can produce their best work while empowering others.

MuleSoft Training wins CEdMA 2016 innovation award

November 17 2016

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We’re excited to announce that the  Computer Education Management Association (CEdMA),  the premier professional networking organization for training executives, managers, and professionals, has honored MuleSoft Training & Certification team with CEdMA’s 2016 Innovation Award. This annual award is given to one high-tech company for outstanding innovation, creative thinking, and use out of the box approaches for training.

Meet a Muley: Mariano Quintela, Global Services Manager building out a technical Services team in Buenos Aires

November 11 2016

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We sat down with Mariano Quintela, Global Services Manager in our second largest global office in Buenos Aires, about growing a new team of customer-facing engineers collaborating across the organization.