I Was Used To Enterprise Sales. Then I Joined MuleSoft

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There are very few enterprise software companies that actually have the opportunity to transform how their customers operate and compete. They might have an opportunity to sell an application that makes their sales force more effective or they might have the opportunity to sell a tool that helps them organize or access their data more effectively.

Our Biggest Takeaways After 3 Days at the Grace Hopper Conference

From left: Carly Donovan, Willow Solem, Shweta Inamdar, Eva Martinez, Shelby Wingo, Betsy Thomas, Ana Felisatti, Clare Letourneau, from MuleSoft.

This month, we sent 9 Muleys from San Francisco and Buenos Aires to the annual Grace Hopper Celebration Conference (GHC) in Orlando, Florida. GHC is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists, with over 16,000 attendees––including students, engineers, and educators from all over the world.

Meet a Muley: Chloe Fryar, Field Marketing Manager

chloe fryar

I am the Field Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific and I am responsible for driving demand generation in the region. My role is extremely diverse and ranges from connecting markets to our brand to engaging our sales and channel teams with customers and prospects in the region. This means that I get to work cross-functionally across MuleSoft!

MuleSoft Ranked Top 25 Most Innovative Company in Australia

September 29 2017

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mulesoft innovative company

At MuleSoft, we are dedicated to not only creating a great workplace, but also putting our culture of innovation into practice to help our employees and customers succeed. Today, thanks to our work with partners and customers, we are happy to announce that we have been awarded a top 25 most innovative company by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) and awarded the top company for process innovation for our work with NSW Health and iSelect.

Meet a Muley: Carla Cooper, Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis

September 22 2017

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This week, we sat with Carla Cooper, Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis. Carla served for over 20 years as a portfolio manager, before moving into the finance field and joining MuleSoft.

Why Interviews Suck – and What You Can Do About It

September 15 2017

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Over the course of my career I have built a variety of teams, interviewing over 1,000 applicants across a number of positions––from recruiting roles to marketing, sales, and operations.

This wide spectrum of interviewing experience has led me to one conclusion: let’s be honest, interviews are terrible. They’re fake constructs that can be influenced by anything, the interviewer being distracted or just in a bad mood or the interviewee overheating from nervousness. Interviews are just not a great reflection of who people are or how they work.

Meet a Muley: Veronica Kainz, Creative Director

September 8 2017

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veronica kainz

This week we sat down with Veronica Kainz, MuleSoft’s Creative Director. She leads the creative vision for the brand, and was recently awarded the “Muley for Life” award for being an ambassador of MuleSoft’s core values.

Top 10 Things We Love About Working in Sales at MuleSoft

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Working at MuleSoft brings a lot of new, unique challenges every day—partly because we’re building this company together for scale, and partly because we’re solving this with technology that is fundamentally changing the way our customers do business.

Meet a Muley: Nina Stingo, Enterprise Account Executive

nina stingo

This week, we sat down with Nina Stingo, who is a part of our Sales team in the West Region and joined MuleSoft nearly three years ago as an Account Development Representative. In her time at MuleSoft, she has worked as a team lead, a Commercial Account Executive, and is now an Enterprise Account Executive.  

What is your favorite thing about working on the Account Executive team at MuleSoft?

I love working with the people in our Field organization.

Interns Love Working at MuleSoft. Learn Why

mulesoft internship

Abbey Cahill is a Corporate and Product Marketing Intern at MuleSoft 

MuleSoft’s tagline “Connect Anything, Change Everything” struck a chord the first time I heard it. I’m a student at Dartmouth, where I study English and Studio Art, both subjects that seemingly have nothing to do with enterprise software. Everyone who knows me well was surprised that I was so excited about API-led connectivity that I applied for a corporate and product marketing internship at MuleSoft.