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I am the Field Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific and I am responsible for driving demand generation in the region. My role is extremely diverse and ranges from connecting markets to our brand to engaging our sales and channel teams with customers and prospects in the region. This means that I get to work cross-functionally across MuleSoft!

What is the most interesting problem you’re working on solving right now?

We are in the planning stages of building our MuleSoft Summit series across APAC next year, which is our flagship event in the region. It’s an exciting time with the amount of momentum we get when we meet customers and prospects, and it is awesome to have the whole team working together. There is so much happening behind the scenes to pull this together, from building out the email campaigns and driving content with our speakers (including special guests & customers) to partnering with our sponsors.

How did you become a Field Marketing Manager?

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I studied social sciences at university and really loved learning about consumer behavior. I moved to the corporate world into an office manager role, and I saw an opportunity to build marketing reach with our channel partners at the time. Slowly, I started gaining exposure to all aspects of marketing––from operations, channels, and public relations to government relations, industry, and events. I have worked in the tech industry since then and loved the challenge of keeping pace with emerging technologies.

Why did you choose to come work for MuleSoft?

I was working with foundational infrastructure technologies for a few years and decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge of other innovative technology areas. MuleSoft was a great fit for that. It wasn’t until I started the interview process that I was also drawn into the culture and how MuleSoft is changing the outcomes for organizations and their end-users. These cemented the reason why I wanted to work for MuleSoft. The more I spoke about the company with external colleagues, the more great feedback I received––which was a bonus.  

Take us through a typical day in the life.

My role is constantly changing, there is never a “typical” day. Today, I am rolling out a series of API Workshops across Australia & New Zealand and building industry-specific campaigns. Tomorrow I could be working on any number of things––whether it is building out an email campaign, engaging with our channel partners in joint marketing initiatives, building and executing our flagship events, sponsoring third-party events, or building out vertical specific campaigns. There is truly never a dull moment in this role!

What is your favorite thing about working on the Marketing team at MuleSoft?

There is also never a dull moment on the marketing team! The business provides a lot of support to the marketing team and understands the value of the team. The marketing team at MuleSoft are incredibly aligned with the sales teams. Plus, working in an open plan office means we are constantly interacting, which makes a huge difference in what we do.

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What 3 things are always on your desk and why?

I always have my MuleSoft water bottle, a strong coffee, and my mobile phone (the latter of which has become an extension of my arm!)

What teams do you work with most, and how do you collaborate?

We work very closely with our Account Development, Account Executive, and Channel teams. We work hard to ensure that our Account Development team is attached to marketing by the hip. In my role, I also work with the sales team to better understand the use cases within various industries and to build an educated approach on how marketing can help support awareness and drive demand generation. We also work with our channel team by building joint marketing initiatives too!

What is your favorite activity outside of the office?

Growing up, I loved outdoor sports and played soccer for many years. These days one thing I enjoy most outside of work is going down to the beach early for a group class or a run. The bonus is seeing your friends bright and early every morning, and it’s a great way to get energized for the day ahead.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your role here so far?

In August, we ran the first-ever industry-specific MuleSoft Forums series across Australia & New Zealand, which was a highly targeted series to public sector officials. This was an opportunity for us to drive awareness of how MuleSoft is helping agencies across the globe establish their own API economy to rapidly accelerate the delivery of their digital programs.

This was a cross-functional collaborative effort in which the account teams, industry marketing team, and services team played a huge role in building content and driving participation.

What is the latest technology you’ve learned to use?

There are many that we use in field marketing, including Marketo, Cvent, Drupal, DoubleDutch, Salesforce, and more. I use Marketo the most, especially to build programs such as Summits, Forums, event programs, email campaigns. It’s an intuitive tool and easy to use. There’s also an added bonus of seeing all if the information flows from Cvent (event tool) to Marketo and Salesforce!

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