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Meet Hernán Nóbile, who works in Pre-sales as a Global Solutions Engineer in our Buenos Aires office. Perhaps the title of his role – Pre-sales – makes him sound like a salesman, but that’s not the case.

Hernán’s team is responsible for helping, from a technical point of view, all Mulesoft Pre-sales teams across the world become successful partners to our customers and, most importantly, improve sales processes.

What is the most interesting problem you’re working on solving right now?

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In my opinion, everything we do is really important because it’s always about new technical and knowledge-related challenges or innovation.

One interesting problem that comes to mind was when we developed an Alexa Skill as a demo for one of our past Summits. What made the project so interesting was that we had the opportunity to work with a new technology, which was not only really fun, but created a compelling demo for attendees. The impact was great!

How did you get to becoming a Global Solutions Engineer?

When I first saw the job description, I thought the role was much more oriented to sales. Since I come from an engineering background, I came to my first interview a little bit confused. The more I learned from the interview panel, the more I realized that the role was not as sales-oriented as I thought!  

It is a position that is right in the center of everything that interests me: understanding the prospect’s business, learning about their architectures and solutions, and diving into their challenges and how they are impacting the business.

The role also gives the opportunity to design innovative solutions that solve the problems that prospects and customers face, and enables them to grow their business at a much faster pace. All of this allows me to always learn new stuff, including designing, constructing, and maintaining our own software.

Why did you choose to come work for MuleSoft?

All my previous jobs were in startups and I was interested in working for a bigger company. However, I was afraid of the potential impact: more bureaucracy, less coordination with colleagues, and a wider gap in the relationship between the company and the employee. However, since I started working at MuleSoft, I saw that the company embodies none of the above traits. Being at MuleSoft is like being with family. Although MuleSoft is a global company, it has everything that makes a great startup.

Take us through a typical day in the life.

As soon as I get to the office, I prepare myself an awesome breakfast with “mate” and fruits. I then start work by reviewing if there are any new requests from the Pre-sales team. If there are requests, I analyze what is required and, then, talk to the team to discuss next steps––including pinpointing the project lead, scheduling meetings, etc. I then spend the rest of my day working on ongoing projects, whether it is a Proof of Concept (POC), a custom demo for a prospect, or product development.   

What 3 things are always on your desk and why?

My computer? Just kidding! I’m not very attached to particular objects, so my desk is constantly changing – that’s how I like it. Though, the only thing that always needs to be on my desk is a picture of my daughter.

What teams do you work with most, and how do you collaborate?

I’ve collaborated a lot with the Channels team––helping the team train partners and enabling those partners with the technical discovery process of prospects, as well as guiding them to understand every prospect’s challenges so that they can better tailor joint MuleSoft solutions.

What is your favorite activity outside of the office?

Right now, I am in love with wakeboarding. But what I really love is to go out and do stuff, especially if it’s something I have never done before! For example, last weekend, I went surfing.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your role here so far?

I became an Azure referent for the Pre-sales team, and I helped build a reusable technical comparison that is really helpful for Azure use cases.

What is the latest technology you’ve learned to use?

In the last few months, I’ve been learning React.js and Docker for some internal applications we’re building. I am learning React to reuse Mulesoft’s UI components built by our engineering team and I am learning Docker to containerize our applications. 

I’m also learning Kubernetes just to keep me updated with technology. Learning the latest technologies is always useful, because it allows me to use new tools to solve problems.

What is your favorite thing about working on the Global Solutions Engineer team at MuleSoft?

The team. It’s an amazing team and my colleagues bring informative technical knowledge to the table each and every day. The technical challenges we face are also something that I find interesting, as there is always new stuff to learn.

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