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You haven’t really bonded with your teammates until you’ve gone rock climbing together, with your manager leading the way up. That’s what Verity Reeves, a certified rock climbing instructor, did as an offsite activity when she managed a growing Account Development team.

“They trusted me with their lives, which I think is very brave!” Having grown up in France and lived all over the world, Verity was recently promoted to the Account Executive role––giving her the opportunity to use her French language skills to propel our growth in France and beyond.

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Meet Verity in the video below, an Account Executive in our London office, and a Muley for over 3 years!

Going from an individual contributor role to a manager tasked with hiring a huge group of people to fuel our sales pipeline, Verity learned how hiring exceptional people is the key factor in creating a supportive work environment where everyone is inspired to accomplish their goals.  

“I’d say the thing I’m most proud of is the team I built as an Account Development Manager. I built a team from 1 person to 15, and I didn’t do it alone. I was supported by some incredible people. I think, looking at the caliber of people I had the pleasure of managing, and the pleasure to work with and learn from, is something I’m proud of every day and it’s definitely going to be a really hard one to beat.”

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